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A Definitive Ranking Of All Of August Moon’s Songs In ‘The Idea of You’

Don’t panic, but I’m pretty sure we all just found our new boy band obsession: August Moon.

Even though they’re not a real band, August Moon has accumulated thousands of followers on Instagram and has slowly begun to take over the internet.

To be fair, the publicity around August Moon makes total sense but they’re not exactly a real band. August Moon is a fictional band created for Prime Video’s latest film, The Idea Of You, which follows a single mother (Anne Hathaway) and August Moon’s lead singer Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) as they begin a publicized relationship. The film has already been making an impact on social media, giving us all of the rom-com feels that we’ve been craving. 

With the release of The Idea Of You on May 2, August Moon has released the film’s soundtrack in celebration of the film. Each song will definitely have you reminiscing about your favorite boy bands, and will also have you excited to hear more. As a new Moonhead, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t rank all of the rising band’s songs, which are all certified bops. 

1. “Taste”

I can’t even lie, this song had me out of my seat in the theater. Taste is one of the most upbeat songs from The Idea Of You, and if you’re just getting into the movie, this song is a perfect oneto dance to. Within the first opening chords of the song, August Moon definitely created a song for the summer. 

2. “Go Rogue”

This song made me realize one thing: We need a Nicholas Galitzine’s full-length album. Go Rogue is definitely going to be a favorite for all the girls who love their ballad-inspired acoustic songs in pop albums. It definitely became one of my top favorites when watching the film, especially because of Galitzine’s shining solo moment and how sweet the lyrics are. If you’ve missed yearning, this is for you. 

3. “Guard Down”

Out of all the songs from The Idea Of You, this one definitely reminded me of One Direction’s early tracks. There’s something “What Makes You Beautiful”-esque in this song, and it doesn’t help that the movie shows a One Direction-inspired music video for this track.

4. “The Idea Of You”

We love a collaboration moment. This song features Anne-Marie and Hayes Campbell singing about waiting for someone you love and having the “idea” of them inside your head. Not only is it incredibly sappy (in the best way possible), but it also shows off Galitzine’s vocal ability. Plus, I just can’t get over the song’s production. 

5. “Closer”

“Closer” plays a huge part in the movie, as Hayes subtly dedicates the song on stage to Solène after they meet at Coachella. This song foreshadows some of the film’s plot lines, such as both Hayes and Solène getting closer to one another as they begin forming a relationship amid media speculation. The song is more mellow than the other August Moon tracks but is still a bop

6. “I Got You “

The guitars have never been more prominent than in this August Moon song. I appreciate how in “I Got You,” each August Moon member gets to sing front and center, and  have fellow Moonheads swaying back and forth. This song takes major inspiration from bands like *NSYNC and One Direction and also takes its listeners back to 2010 with its lyrics and production. 

7. “Dance Before We Walk”

If any song from August Moon sounded like an official boy band track, it would be this one. The first single from their album, Dance Before We Walk immediately gives off the energy of a 2000s boy band with fun pop ad-libs. It’s no shock as to why the fans love this song, it’s one that is meant to be fun and not taken seriously. 

Even though August Moon is a fictional band, we will definitely be streaming their music on our summer playlists after watching The Idea Of You. 

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