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ICYMI, Here’s How You *Might* Get Invited To The Eras’ Tour Movie Premiere

Check your emails, Swifties, because Spotify just sent out some secret invites to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour film’s Oct. 11 premiere in Los Angeles! Look through that messy junk mail and you just might hit the jackpot. Seriously — and here’s how you might have gotten invited, too.

It seems to be a rough week for Apple Music listeners as Spotify Swifties have been waking up to an email with the subject line “We’ve got a Blank Space for you…” in their inboxes for the past week. These were sent out to a random selection of Swift’s top Spotify listeners and as of right now, there have only been claims that US Swifties, and Los Angeles-based folks, have received this email. While the tickets aren’t guaranteed, RSVPing by that same evening provided these fortunate fans and their plus-ones with a chance to secure these highly sought-after tickets. Unfortunately, the invite does say that attendees must be 18 or older, so I’m sorry to the baby Swifties!

Information regarding the premiere has been kept under wraps even now, a week before the premiere. TikToker @zoomie recently posted a short vlog on trying to find an outfit for the Eras Tour premiere. She briefly mentions that she’s been given very little details regarding the event. From what she knows, there has been no confirmation of the location or even Swift’s presence on the red carpet.


ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE #erastourmovie PREMIERE!! I feel so so so so incredibly lucky to be invited 😭🫶💕 see you there @Taylor Swift ? @Taylor Nation @The Eras Tour #erastour #taylorswift #erastouroutfits #erastourlosangeles

♬ original sound – swiftie

Though it sounds contradictory, as she is arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now, Swift is known to be a bit of a secret keeper. The premiere invitation emails that have been making their way around the internet even say that sharing the email could lead to voiding their eligibility. But this isn’t the first time she’s surprised loyal fans because everyone remembers the secret sessions, right? Remember Swift would invite fans to her house to listen to her new albums before their release? Because I still think about it to this day. These secret invites seem like a perfect call back to a heartwarming tradition.

And as these things go, there’s always going to be some fans online bummed that they weren’t invited to the premiere, specifically, Apple Music listeners.

Sorry, Apple Music listeners, but this makes sense! ICYMI, Swift had a whole collaborative deal with Apple Music and vouched for them since they paid their artists a better share while she removed her music from Spotify in hopes of better compensation. But as of now, the invites seem to be Spotify exclusive, and Apple Music users can only hope that Swift will have plans for them in the future.

To those who didn’t get invitations, don’t worry! Opening night screenings at your local AMC Theater filled with other die-hard Swifties will still provide you with a fun night of singing and dancing with your besties!

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