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The Internet Thinks That An “I Can See You” Music Video Is Coming & They’re Freaking Out

Besties, it’s ”Dear John” Day and who’s celebrating? I know I am. Swifties were so excited about the rerelease of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), expecting all the original songs — of course, there have been some lyric changes, but Blondie also dropped six songs from the vault, which has sent everyone into a panic. 

Swifties have been speculating who certain vault songs are about, with theories ranging from Emma Stone to Swift’s grandparents. But there’s one song in particular that seems to be sticking out among Swifites, and it’s none other than “I Can See You.” It feels like a sister song to “Dress,” “False God,” and “So It Goes,” but somehow… better. Dare I say this is Swift’s hottest song yet, and that’s saying something.

“I Can See You” features spicy lyrics like “You won’t believe half the things I see inside my head / Wait ‘til you see half the things that haven’t happened yet,” and “I can see you waitin’ down the hall from me / And I could see you up against the wall with me.”

The lyrics have caused fans to freak out all over Twitter, either pairing the lyrics with characters or wondering who TF she’s writing about. 

As if the lyrics weren’t enough to send everyone into a spiral, there’s more news! People think “I Can See You” is getting a music video. 

In April, Swift was spotted filming in Liverpool, and fans thought it was for a Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) project.

A lyric video for “I Can See You” was released on Youtube last night, and the visuals look quite similar to what Swift was filming back in April. Fans know that Blondie loves her easter eggs and throwing hints to her fans, so this is not a coincidence.

Then there was a confirmation from Pop Crave that we will be getting a music video for “Enchanted TV” and “I Can See You” so as expected, fans are freaking TF out! 

So, until the official announcement, I will be reading fan reactions on Twitter to pass the time. 

Fans can’t believe Blondie kept “I Can See You” from us for this long.

Others can’t believe that young Taylor wrote it… 

And most are just vibing!

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