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Hunger Games Halloween Costumes: How to Dress Up As Katniss, Primrose, Effie & More

Is there any movie premiere we’re more pumped for this year than Catching Fire? The first Hunger Games movie had it all—suspense, action, drama and hot guys (hello, Liam Hemsworth), and we’re sure the second installment in the Hunger Games series will bring it all again (plus plenty more wild and wacky outfits!). Check out HC’s ideas for how to dress as our favorite female characters from the books and movies!

1. Katniss Everdeen (at the Reaping)

What to Wear: A blue shirtdress and some comfortable flats for running up and preventing your baby sister from being taken away to fight to the death in a televised competition.

Hair: A braid, of course! Try out this tutorial to get that famous Katniss plait.

Makeup: Keep it simple with some light foundation and maybe a little mascara. Katniss was more about brains than beauty, after all (though she’s absolutely gorgeous!).

2. Katniss Everdeen (at her second interview with Caesar Flickerman)

What to Wear: A big, flouncy, one-shouldered white dress. Put some silver rhinestones on your shoulders and arms to glitter like Katniss does in this ensemble. Be sure to add a pair of silver wings like Katniss used to accessorize! 

Hair: In her interview, Katniss wear a tousled updo with a small braid wrapped around it. If you’re not as gifted of a hairstylist, try a simple bun.

Makeup: Katniss’s makeup is kept simple in the interview to let her true beauty shine. Go for eye shadow in rosy tones, a touch of black eyeliner on your top eyelids, and some lengthening mascara. 
3. Primrose Everdeen

What to Wear: A sweet white button down blouse, a tan or khaki shirt, and a perpetually terrified facial expression. Don’t forget a mockingjay pin!

Hair: Prim keeps it simple with two French braids.

Makeup: Little to none. She’s only 12, after all!

4. Effie Trinket

What to Wear: The best part about dressing up as Effie is that you have a lot of room to be creative—you can wear pretty much anything that’s over-the-top and be in line with her style! The first step to decide is what color you want your costume to be. Effie may be a little wild with her fashion choices, but she likes to make everything in her ensemble, from her makeup to her clothing to her shoes, all the same color (typically a jewel tone). Effie tends to steer toward tailored pieces with a little oomph, such as a peplum jacket with huge puffed sleeves paired with a pencil skirt. For accessories, wear high heels and lots of sparkling costume jewelry.

Hair: Effie’s signature coiffure seems near impossible to create with real hair, so go for a curly wig in a light color tinted to match your outfit. For an Effie-worthy headpiece, buy ribbon or fake flowers from a craft store and glue or pin them to your wig.

Makeup: Blank out your face with white foundation, then go crazy from there with eye shadow, lipstick, blush and fake lashes in your chosen color. Pretty much anything goes with Effie-style makeup, but be sure to draw her signature heart-shaped pout on your lips—it’ll look particularly dramatic when you purse them in indignation when a non-Capitol resident does something impolite at your Halloween party (that is mahogany!).

5. Enobaria

What to Wear: A long-sleeve, tight-fitting gray and black shirt with matching pants. For accessories, be sure to get some fangs like these to get Enobaria’s razor-sharp grin.

Hair: Slick your hair back into a sleek, low pony. 

Makeup: Keep it simple, but fierce! 

6. A District Tribute

What to Wear: A tight black shirt, a black hooded windbreaker, olive green cargo pants, lace-up leather boots perfect for running away from vicious Career tributes and your (fake) weapon of choice.

Hair: Each female tribute has her own individual hairstyle, so feel free to style your hair according to your favorite one! 

Makeup: We’re pretty sure makeup was the least of the tributes’ worries during the Games, so keep it simple—foundation, maybe some mascara and light eye shadow.

Have a great Halloween, collegiettes! And if you enter a costume contest, may the odds be ever in your favor (sorry, we had to).


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