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How Well Do You “KnowThyProf”?

From helpfulness to hotness, as collegiettes, we’re all familiar with how Ratemyprofessors.com evaluates college educators across the country. But, have you ever thought about how a professor would explain his or her own teaching style?
Daniel Abram, a sophomore at Northeastern University, started KnowThyProf.com earlier this year to give professors a way to review themselves. The website serves as a more accurate and thorough assessment of a how a professor leads a course as well as his or her accomplishments outside the classroom, Abram said. 

“Ratemyprofessors.com tells just half of the story: the students' half,” Abram said. “KnowThyProf tells the professors' side of the story and more. Many of the questions are meant to provide information about the professor the student can use to network with the professor and/or get involved outside the classroom.”
Since the website was published Jan. 9, KnowThyProf has accumulated responses from 81 professors at 46 universities across the world. To increase the website’s presence in college campuses, Abram has been communicating with professors as well as relying on the power of word of mouth.
“This is a very unique idea that challenges the norm, which is students evaluating professors,” Abram said. “In five years I hope KnowThyProf.com will be more than just a site for students to learn about professors. I hope it will be a platform for professors to engage with students, colleagues, and other people across the world.”  

Stephanie Haven is a freshman at Tufts University where she plans to major in Sociology with a minor in Communication and Media Studies. She enjoys making terrible puns about her Tufts of hair and Jumbo supply of stockpiled food. After college she plans to live in New York City where she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. You can find her trying to figure out Twitter @stephaniehaven.
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