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Want To Support Gun Violence Prevention While In College? Here’s How

The sheer amount of gun violence in the United States in 2023 alone has many college students eager to learn more and take action. It’s even left some students asking what to do if you’re feeling unsafe on campus. You can’t help end gun violence if you don’t know any information about it. It’s time to dust off your FBI-level research skills and fully educate yourself on how to support the cause. 

Once you’ve successfully finished your crash course in gun violence history, focus on sharing everything you’ve learned with others. This way, you know your facts and can show your peers how passionate you are about the real issues. Look into the real data and use it to support your cause. While you’re supporting by word of mouth, here are some other great ways to support gun violence prevention.

Join a gun Violence Prevention Chapter On Campus.

If you’re looking to join a group on campus that’s dedicated to ending gun violence, organizations like March For Our Lives and Students Demand Action have hundreds of chapters around the country. If there isn’t a college chapter close to you, don’t worry just yet. Your campus might have its own version that isn’t affiliated with any larger organizations. Look into gun violence protection groups off campus, too. There might be groups in your city that you could join, or organizations that let you volunteer from just about anywhere, like the Gun Sense Action Network.

Organize A March For Our Lives demonstration in your city.

I know this probably sounds intimidating, but I promise you can do it. March For Our Lives has a volunteer team for anyone who wants to take larger action. Once you sign up on the organization’s website through the volunteer form, an organizer will contact you and help you start the onboarding process. You will then need to complete a movement leader orientation.

Contact Your Representatives.

A great way to join the fight is by calling or emailing your representatives. Address specific legislations if you can, as this will hopefully urge them to take action. This action only takes a few minutes to do. You can use the feature on the March For Our Lives website that includes a template message, or customize it yourself!

Donate to funds directly related to the cause.

To support the gun violence prevention movement, you can donate to organizations like March For Our Lives, the Brady Campaign, or Everytown For Gun Safety. If you don’t have the extra funds to donate, consider holding a fundraiser on social media instead of asking for a birthday or holiday gift.

Join a virtual panel or live stream.

There are many ways to still support gun violence protection while balancing all of your classes, projects, and part-time job. Why not tune into a virtual panel or live stream on gun violence prevention during a study break? The more people watching, the better. Her Campus and March For Our Lives are co-hosting a virtual panel on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 4 p.m. EST all about gun violence prevention. RSVP here!

If you’re not a virtual stream person, sign a petition! It’s almost too easy. There are so many different petitions surrounding gun safety. You could even create your own petition if you’re passionate about a specific issue within gun violence.

Keep The Conversation going.

Talking about the real issues gets people thinking. If you’re talking about a related topic during your lecture, try to bring up thought-provoking conversations or discussion questions.  Share your thoughts on gun violence protection on social media. Make sure to follow activists or accounts that post current news so you’re always up to date.

Partner with your peers.

Ask your friends to volunteer with you. You could be the inspiration they needed to get involved. Ideas can quickly turn into action when you have like-minded people around you. Talk about gun violence prevention policies with your friends to see where they stand. Encourage each other to continue to learn.


Be sure to pledge to vote and actively vote every year once you’re eligible. Put in the work to elect candidates that are passionate about gun violence prevention. It’s important to know where politicians stand before they are put into power. Use your voice to share that their stances on gun violence prevention are driving your vote.

Keep fighting. (Peacefully, of course.)

This is an ongoing fight, so one of the most important things you can do is keep going. If everyone stops fighting, nothing will change.

Shay Nicolay

Toronto MU '22

Shayna Nicolay has been a Her Campus National Writer since January 2023. She writes bi-weekly articles as well as covering timely content. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2022, where she majored in journalism with a minor in graphic communications. Shayna was a contributing writer for her University's Chapter of Her Campus, and was the Editor-in-Chief of her University magazine, Folio. She also was the editorial intern for fashion content creator, Audree Kate Lopez, where she hired and managed a group of writers, ran the WordPress website, wrote and edited articles, and helped with social media copy. Shayna loves walks in nature, bingeing the newest TV show, beading jewelry, and is a mental health advocate. She loves storytelling and media, so content creation comes naturally to her. For the best memes, mental health tips, and bisexual visibility, follow Shayna @shaynicolay on Instagram and @shaynanicolay on TikTok.