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How to Stay Fit Past Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and the HC Team has done an awesome job compiling ideas of some super funny, crazy, and sexy costumes so we all can look fabulous this weekend!

Personally, I’m going as my favorite character from the TV show Futurama: Turanga Leela.  She is the independent, strong-willed captain of the ship for the company Planet Express.  Not to mention she can totally whip anyone into shape with her incredible martial art skills.  Cool, right?

For me, Halloween marks the beginning of a season of food: there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and all those fancy parties in between.  It’s important to me to start this time of the year off right; otherwise I will fall into a downward spiral and end up ten pounds heavier come spring (it’s happened!). 

My advice?  Push your workouts a little harder.  I often tout the mental benefits of exercise just as much as the physical ones, but sometimes it’s important to kick it up a notch.  Come to terms with the fact that the cold weather ahead is not an excuse to stay indoors.  In fact, it’s a motivator!  Who wants rock hard abs under their soft cashmere sweaters?  Me, please!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite butt-kicking workouts (they’re not my creations, but they work wonders!).

SarahFit’s 30-minute Weight Loss Interval Workout 
No equipment needed, and a guaranteed butt-kicker! 

Tone It Up’s Best Ab Circuit Workout 
I swear by this ab routine.
   Generally I’ll do the traditional three sets of ten reps, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and do two sets of fifteen, or even one giant set of thirty!  Experiment with what you like the best. 

Tara Stiles’ Weight Loss Yoga Challenge 
You know me, I’ve gotta get my yoga in!  Incorporate this challenging routine into your yoga practice and you’ll be feeling the burn in no time! 

Lots of Love,

(photo credits: www.pictureinstock.com, sharetv.org)

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Elizabeth Bayne is a first-year at the marvelous Smith College. She adores running dusty trails, pumping iron, and everything yoga-related. Unfortunately she cannot seem to muster the willpower to stay away from decadent desserts or anything covered in that delicious fake yogurt they dip raisins into. In all seriousness, working out is a powerful stress-reliever for her and has invariably become a part of daily life. Most recently, yoga and weight lifting have become the most exciting parts of her workout routine, but she’s always looking for new ways to be motivated (Thursday night Zumba class, anyone?). Her workout goals for this season are to tone up and to adopt sensible eating habits to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Freshman Fifteen. She also wants to be able to do a handstand for two reasons: to develop intense concentration skills and to have a cool party trick.
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