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THIS Is How the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Moms Got Out of the Basement

In a show like Pretty Little Liars, where there are quite a few loose ends, we’re left to speculate a lot. Now that the show has ended, it seems as if we’ll always be left wondering about some things. However, if you’ve stayed up at night trying to figure out exactly how the PLL moms escaped the DiLaurentis basement in Season 6, Episode 9, then I’ve got a surprise for you: an answer from showrunner I. Marlene King.

During the series finale, fans thought they’d finally hear an explanation when Ella Montgomery started, “Sometimes I wish we were still in that basement.” Say what?! Tell us more!

Veronica Hastings responded, “You remember how we got out of there?” Words that practically had me on the edge of my seat until she dismissed it by saying, “Forget I brought it up.” *sighs*

Fortunately, Shay Mitchell (aka Emily Fields), a true PLL hero, was visiting the Pretty Little Liars museum at Warner Bros. Studios Tuesday, and she finally got the truth out of Marlene. Shay captured the entire thing on her Instagram story. King explained, “They were in there a long time and they had to probably climb on top of each other. Pam [Fields]…had to take her clothes off, and they put oil on her and slid her out of the window.”

Well, there you have it. While this explanation is definitely a situation my mind couldn’t come up with without Marlene’s help, it should put all the speculation to rest. Poor Mrs. Fields!

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