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This is How Long It’ll Take to Close the Gender Wage Gap

According to a recent study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the gender wage gap is still very much existent in states all across the country—though it is more prominent in some states than others. Based on the IWPR’s analysis, it will take almost 150 years before the women in Wyoming start making as much as the men in Wyoming working in the same positions. Alternatively, women in Florida could start making the same amount as their male counterparts in less than 25 years. 

The projections in this research are based on the rate of progress each state has made in closing the gender wage gap since 1959. The average American woman shouldn’t anticipate being paid the same amount as her male counterparts until around 2058.

Currently, women in America make 78 cents for every dollar that an American man makes, but that wage gap is not consistent across all states in the country. Right now, New York is the closest to closing the gender wage gap, with women there earning about 88 cents for every dollar that men are making. However, in Louisiana, women make only 67 cents to each dollar their male counterparts earn.

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