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Hillary Clinton Actually Practiced Avoiding Hugs From Trump on the Campaign Trail

To save us from the havoc being currently wrecked on our brains by all the Trump administration drama, one of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign aides recently took to Twitter to share an absolute #TBT gem that *almost* makes us forget about what’s currently in the news.

While on the campaign trail last year, Clinton and her team apparently even practiced how she would eventually greet Donald Trump onstage during the debates – and this included how to dodge a hug from the now-president. Luckily for us, Philippe Reines, Clinton’s former campaign aide, has video evidence of one of these practice sessions, in which he pretends to be Trump going in for a hug – and what happens is hilarious.

While the footage is shaky and taken from far away, prompting many to think that another staffer was standing in for Clinton, Reines confirmed with a follow-up tweet that it was really her, making the whole thing even funnier.

Reines’s tweet is especially relevant considering Clinton isn’t the only one who apparently isn’t a fan of Trump’s hugs as reports are currently surfacing that Trump tried to go in for a hug with former FBI Director James Comey, who was having absolutely not here for it. Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here cracking up and watching this video over and over.

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