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As we near Election Day November 3, you’ve probably seen even more voting graphics being posted on Instagram outlining the importance of this election, how and where to get registered to vote, and how to obtain an absentee ballot if you’re a college student living far from home. 

While you may be blasted with election content every day (and may share posts on your own social media), you would be surprised to hear despite the Election Day hype only a small percentage of young voters actually make it to the polls every year.

Voter turnout has always paled in comparison to the number of voters registered, usually hovering beneath 50%, according to the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education. As of 2018, 75% of college students were registered to vote, but only about 40% of that percentage actually voted. 

This statistic, combined with the especially high stakes of this election, inspired the launch of #VotingPowerHour, a 2020 “text / friend-banking” event encouraging college students to engage with their friends and family by making sure that they have plans for this year’s Election Day. 

Courtesy of ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

For one hour every day (starting 5p PT / 8p ET) this week (October 19 and 24), participants work together virtually and are given the goal to text as many people they know, making sure that friends have actionable steps to vote. As participants text away, talent hosts and DJs will be presenting the event, cheering them on.

The (seemingly expanding!) lineup of talent hosts include: 

Courtesy of ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

Pick one, pick some, pick all hours to attend – and the participants who text the most will get to meet the hosts and DJs backstage after the Voting Power Hour!

#VotingPowerHour is a weeklong movement headed by The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, whose mission is to encourage college students to be engaged citizens and participate in democracy. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge has also partnered with OutVote, Vote.org, and Headcount.org to encourage more of the younger generation to participate.

Now, are you ready to help your friends and family members in this historic election? Sign up to join a #VotingPowerHour here

It’s time to get to texting your friends and driving to the polls, because friends don’t let friends ghost the vote. 

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