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HC Wake-Up Call: Trump’s Attorney Plead The Fifth, George H.W. Bush’s Health Improved & Mueller Moves Closer To An Interview With Trump

Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

President Trump’s Personal Attorney Plead The Fifth

Michael Cohen asserted his Fifth Amendment rights in response to the lawsuit from Stormy Daniels involving the $130,000 payment he made to her — allegedly to cover up an affair between Daniels and Trump — before the 2016 election. 

Cohen’s reason for the move cited the recent FBI raids of his home and offices. 

“Based upon the advice of counsel, I will assert my Fifth Amendment rights in connection with all proceedings in this case due to the ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI and US Attorney for the Southern District of New York,” Cohen said, according to CNN. Lawyers for both Cohen and Trump said should Daniels’ lawsuit proceed, Cohen’s Fifth Amendment rights “may be adversely impacted.” Cohen is looking to put the lawsuit on hold. 

Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ attorney, told CNN that the move strengthens their case. He also tweeted about the matter. 

George H.W. Bush Is No Longer In The ICU

Former President George H.W. Bush has been transferred from Houston Methodist Hospital’s intensive care unit to a “regular patient room,” according to Jim McGrath, a spokesman for the Bush family. The 93-year-old was initially admitted to the hospital on Sunday after contracting an infection that spread to his blood. 

McGrath added that Bush is “alert and talking with hospital staff, family and friends, and his doctors are very pleased with his progress.” 

The statement continued: “President Bush naturally thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes. He also wants to assure everyone that, as good as he feels now, he is more focused on the Houston Rockets closing out their playoff series against the Minnesota Timberwolves than anything that landed him in the hospital.”

Bush is expected to remain in the hospital for “several more days,” per CNN

Trump’s Recently Hired Lawyer Might Be Arranging An Interview With Him and Robert Mueller

Rudy Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team last week, met reportedly met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday to discuss a potential interview with Trump. According to the Washington Post, Trump remains hesitant; however, Giuliani did not rule out the possibility. 

Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, and in the meeting, allegedly “reiterated that he would like a chance to ask Trump questions about steps he took during the transition and early months of his administration.” 

Giuliani told the Post last week he hopes they can negotiate an end to the investigation because he has “high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller.” At Wednesday’s meeting, Mueller reportedly stressed the importance of an interview with Trump for the investigation to progress.

What to look out for…

Tweets from Kanye West. The rapper went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday, declaring his love for Trump. The president even responded. 

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