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THE HC TEAM WEIGHS IN: What We’re Thankful For

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This week we’re talking about what we’re thankful for today! Happy Thanksgiving!
So…tell us…what are you most thankful for this year?
I’m thankful for family, my fiancé, friends, and a much needed break full of sleep and food!”
–       ­Rachel Peterson, Campus Publicity Correspondent, James Madison University
I am so thankful for all the privileges in my life that I usually take advantage of: having a loving family, amazing friends, an education, plenty of basic necessities, and most importantly — happiness! I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve taken advantage of!
-Meagan Templeton-Lynch, Contributing Writer, Colorado State University
This Thanksgiving is the first one I’m spending away from my parents. Studying abroad has brought with it certain challenges, but I am thankful for amazing friends to spend the holiday with!
–       Alexandra Patterson, Administrative/HR Intern, Kenyon College

Cupcakes, cute boys, family and friends, my embarrassingly large collection of Celine Dion CD’s, impromptu giggle sessions, and the weather finally cooling down enough to wear a scarf.
–       Sarah Weinberg, Contributing Writer, San Diego State University
I’m thankful for being able to fly home to Connecticut to be with my family for the holiday after being in Los Angeles for three months!
–       Victoria Guerrera, Contributing Writer, Emerson College
Getting 10 days off for Thanksgiving Break to spend time with my family! And my puppy. And my fiancé, he’s okay too.
–       Ashley Henninger, Design Associate, University of Missouri

At University of Maryland, we’re currently beginning fundraising for our second annual Terp Thon event, a dance marathon where we raise money for Children’s National Medical Center. Tonight, we got to meet a very special young boy named Ryan, who was born with only half his brain. Ryan, now 5, was saved by Children’s Miracle Network. I’m thankful, not only for my own health, but that I get to help raise money for a great cause so that children like Ryan can get the help they need.
–       Caitlin Farrell, Digital Media Associate, University of Maryland

I’m thankful that my grandpa has made it to 3 (this will be the third) Thanksgivings since he became sick.
–       Colette Maddock, Campus Correspondent, University of Montana
I am very much thankful for my life, even though at times it can be a struggle, I know that it could be worse. My family and friends have always stuck by me and offered help when they can and for that I am eternally thankful for their love and support.
– Andrea Opalewski, Digital Media Associate & Public Relations, Western Michigan University

I am thankful for my sister and best friend Caitlin. Being away at school and not seeing her for months at a time is one of the hardest things to do, she knows me so well and is someone I can be 100% myself around and when your away at school and meeting so many people everyday it’s hard to find one person that knows you in and out like my sister does. Our friendship is unique and one of the most amazing things in the world and therefore I am very thankful
– Kelsey Cummings, Public Relations, West Virginia University
I’m thankful to have such fabulous, talented, and supportive co-founders, Windsor and Annie.
–       Stephanie Kaplan, Co-Founder, Harvard Alum

My mother! She is not only my mom, but my best friend too. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. While friends are there for you, your mom is ALWAYS there.  She only makes me want to be a better person and hopefully I can be as successful, happy, and charitable as she is.
–       Chelsea Hipkins, Campus Correspondent, UMass Amherst
Honestly, it sounds super cheesy, but I’m thankful for my family. They are the most funny, loving people and I couldn’t have been blessed more. They always know what to say to make me smile or just to feel better if I need it. And I’m thankful for apple pie. Apple pie is another consistent pick-me-up.
–       Rebekah Meiser, Contributing Writer, Ohio University
I’m counting my blessings and so thankful this Thanksgiving for my unfailing support system and biggest fans — my family and friends — and for the recently released Glee Christmas album!
–       Kelsey Mirando, Campus Correspondent, University of Missouri
I’m thankful for my loving parents that have supported me through all of my decisions and have always been my biggest cheerleaders.
–       Koty Neelis, Campus Correspondent, Western Michigan University
I’m thankful for my family, friends and success. I love everything in my life and I am thankful to be so privileged with everything I have.
–       Krystin Nichols, Branch Manager, Western Michigan University

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a college student! When else will my entire job be to simply learn about subjects I’m interested in and get involve with amazing organizations? As I prepare to graduate, I realize I’ve spent way too much time stressing over exams and have failed to recognize what a truly unique time this is in my life.
 – Nikki Fig, Editorial Intern, Emerson College
I’m thankful for a socially acceptable excuse to spend an entire weekend eating, sleeping, and hanging out with family and friends.
–       Rachel Peck, Contributing Writer, Barnard College

Cara Sprunk has been the Managing Editor of Her Campus since fall 2009. She is a 2010 graduate of Cornell University where she majored in American Studies with a concentration in cultural studies. At Cornell Cara served as the Assistant Editor of Red Letter Daze, the weekend supplement to the Cornell Daily Sun where she also wrote for the news and arts section and blogged about pop culture. In her free time Cara enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, exploring and writing.  
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