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THE HC TEAM WEIGHS IN: What Collegiettes™ Splurge On

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This week we’re sharing what we love to splurge on — even when we’re strapped for cash!
So…tell us…what’s worth spending a little extra money on?
Definitely designer jeans! I don’t feel guilty splurging on these because I know they are good quality and long lasting. A good pair of jeans never goes out of style.
–       Alyssa Blaize, Branch Manager, Harvard University

A haircut! I think a nice, well-done haircut pulls your look together and totally changes how you present yourself to others, and a cheap haircut can send the wrong message. It’s worth it for an extra $50 or so every couple months.
– Amanda First, Life Editor, Cornell University
Shoes & handbags. I say that I will wear them for years and that every time I wear them they make me happy!
–       Windsor Hanger, Co-Founder, Publisher & President, Harvard University Alum
Going out to dinner/trips! I justify it because having good experiences with friends is my priority. And I love good food.
–       Hilary Polak, Co-Campus Correspondent, Bryn Mawr College
Concerts!Some of the best concerts I’ve been to have been in Boston. There are so many great venues ranging from the underground Middle East to the House of Blues. I’ve seen Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones, Girl Talk at HOB and in Foxboro, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor… just to name a few. I recently splurged on front row seats to see Vampire Weekend for the third time here in Boston — always worth it!
–       Lorena Mora, Digital Media Associate, Emerson College

The one thing I will ALWAYS splurge on is a good pair of jeans…. The ~$200 price tag is a little hard to stomach, but it’s worth it when I know that I will wear them all the time until they fall apart…. Plus, I’m 6 feet tall, so it’s hard to find less expensive jeans that come long enough for me. And now that I’m used to the fit and durability of really nice jeans, it’s impossible to go back!
–       Laura Hoxworth, Contributing Writer, UNC Chapel Hill
A really great, chic pair of sunglasses! My Ray-Ban Wayfarers were pricey, but for something you wear almost every day, they’re totally worth it. They’re also classic, so I don’t have to worry about them going out of style in 10 years.
– Taylor Trudon, Career Editor, University of Connecticut
Burberry perfume!
–       ­Gabriela Szewcow, Contributing Writer, Elon University
I splurge on Christmas presents. I’m tight-fisted all year with money but during Christmas, I drop money like hot potatoes to help my parents out with my three younger sisters. Plus, I take them shopping to get everyone gifts, too.
– Daylina Miller, Campus Correspondent, University of South Florida
I splurge on wine and my favorite magazines — Cosmo, Allure, Better Homes & Gardens, Fresh Home and House Beautiful just to name a few. There’s nothing like sitting down with a good friend and a pile of fresh, glossy magazines to flip through while indulging in some great wine and juicy girl talk.
– Jessica Hansen, Campus Correspondent, Iowa State University

I don’t wear much makeup, but the one product that’s worth the splurge to me is Paul & Joe’s Mascara Duo in Noir for $26, which I order from Bergdorf Goodman’s (they don’t sell it in MA!). This mascara is without a doubt the best — it has two ends that you use sequentially — a brush and a comb — and in my opinion just makes your eyelashes look way better than any other mascara does. I always get compliments on my eyelashes when I’m wearing it!  And since I don’t wear makeup everyday, each mascara lasts me a long time.
– Stephanie Kaplan, Co-Founder, Harvard University Alum
My splurge is shoes. I love them. I honestly own probably over 100 pairs of shoes from flats and heels to boots and 15 pairs of black flip-flops (never know when they may break!) My splurge on shoes gets worse when I am upset about something but I tend to just buy shoes whenever I get a chance. I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin pumps this summer and they were expensive, but I am in love with them. I think shoes are more important than men! I have no way of justifying my splurge; I just love shoes!
–       Krystin Nichols, Branch Manager, Western Michigan University
Good food!I know some people will disagree with me on this, because food is only momentary. You enjoy it for an hour and after that it’s gone versus new clothes, you can enjoy for a longer time. Good food is worth my money though because I feel dining out is usually an experience for the palate. It brings me much satisfaction to know I’ve spent my money on the best steak I’ve ever had and gives me a chance to possibly try a new restaurant.
–       Bernice Chuang, Campus Correspondent, UT Austin
I splurge on bras and underwear from Victoria’s Secret! I work there as a sales associate, but it’s not just because of that. I’ve loved VS products for a long time — they make women feel pretty and sexy underneath all the other clothing we layer on ourselves. At the most basic level, VS bras and undies make girls feel great about themselves, and I love them for it! Not to mention, I always need to be wearing a good bra — if I’m not, I almost don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, which is never good!
– Valentina Palladino, Contributing Writer, Syracuse University
I just splurged on a $160 perm. I love the way my hair looks wavy, so I don’t mind spending money on this if it means that the higher quality perm will last longer and do relatively less damage to my hair. Plus, ever since I’ve gone with curls, I’ve been able to save time styling my hair in the morning because I think wavy hair looks great all by itself!
– Annie Wang, Co-founder, CTO, and Creative Director, Harvard University
I do a lot of on-camera stuff for my campus TV station, so I need to have good makeup that looks good on TV. I buy my makeup at MAC, which isn’t the cheapest, as far as makeup goes, but I love the makeup so much, and I know it’s good quality and it looks good, and the people that work at the store are always really nice and let you try it on first, so I feel ok splurging!
– Cassidy Quinn Brettler, Video Blogger, Emerson College
I splurge on travel — living frugally the rest of the year is worth it, because I love to relax and unwind while seeing new things and exploring new cultures!
– Danai Kadzere, Winter Intern, Harvard University

Olive oil! I know this sounds funny, but I love good olive oil. I went abroad to Granada, Spain and learned about how it is made, the biggest producers, and all of the different types. I took home about twelve bottles with me for gifts and everyone loves them. Since then I always go to specialty stores or even Whole Foods to choose a nice type. I love trying new kinds and seeing how they change the taste of my meal!
–       Caroline Bagby, Campus Correspondent, UMass Amherst
Coffee and wine. Splurging on a good cup of jo in the morning (which if I just made my own, I could save about $60 a month) to start off the day and avoiding a bad hangover with cheap wine is absolutely worth it to me. Oh, and shoes!
–       Nicole Karlis, Contributing Writer, University of Iowa

I always have a manicure and pedicure!  I can’t do it myself and having a manicure instantly makes you look more pulled together.  I’ve started getting shellac gel nail polish because it lasts twice as long and doesn’t chip!
– Kara Ktona, PR Intern, Emerson College

Spring break, because everyone is doing it! Despite the fact that you can stay for longer in the summer and it’s warmer!
–       Martha Susan, Campus Correspondent, University of South Carolina

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