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Harry Styles Made A Reference To Taylor Swift At His Concert & I’m Screaming Like Everyone Else

Back in 2012, when One Direction was a five member boy band with no end in sight (RIP) and Taylor Swift was still somewhat synonymous with country music, Harry Styles and TSwift went on a date in Central Park.

But I’m sure you knew that already, as their relationship has spawned songs on both ends, from Taylor’s “Out of the Woods” to Harry’s “Two Ghosts,” which have all been meticulously analyzed for references to one another. (By the way, I just found out that these two dated for, like, three months max? And we’re still talking about them five years down the line? Talk about a power couple.)

Well, it looks like Harry at least sometimes gets a little kick out of the frenzy that starts up each time he’s associated with the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer. At a concert in Copenhagen, a fan told Harry that it was her 22nd birthday, and, like the rest of us who have been singing Taylor’s catchy song since it came out on her album Red, the number 22 triggered an automatic response from Harry.



As is evident in the video, the former 1D member seemed to change the subject immediately when people caught on to his reference and started screaming (same, TBH). It looks like it was all in innocent fun, of course, and there seems to be no hard feelings between the two (or at least I hope there isn’t, anyway), now that Taylor is dating British actor Joe Alwyn and Harry is with model Camille Rowe.

But, still—my middle school, One Direction-loving heart will probably never get over the #Haylor breakup.

Erica Kam

Columbia Barnard '21

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