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Guy Posts Selfie On Facebook With Dead Girlfriend After Killing Her

A Texas man has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, and then posting gruesome pictures of her body on social media, according to the New York Post.

45-year-old Kenneth Alan Amyx of Plano, Texas was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Jennifer Streit-Spears on Sunday. The evidence? A selfie of Amyx next to Streit-Spears’ lifeless body, posted to Facebook by the alleged killer himself.

The picture, posted onto Streit-Spears' profile, was captioned, "Please pray for us and love you all."  

Even worse—The photo remained online for 36 hours, even after it had been flagged by several people. Technically, it didn't violate the site’s terms and conditions. A Facebook spokesperson told a local CBS affiliate that apparently photos of dead bodies don't actually break any rules in its graphic content policy, despite being, well, graphic. Instead, Facebook monitors had to prove that someone hacked Streit-Spears’ profile before removing it. 

The 36-hour delay was enough time for several of Streit-Spears’ friends and her sister to see the bloody image, in which her throat is slashed. 

“The pictures were not clear although they were extremely scary,” Fran Stamey, a friend of Streit-Spears, told CBS. “I just started to reach out to our mutual friends to see if anybody knew anything. It’s hard to think that somebody would just do something like that and have the guts to post something like that.”

“I’m angry, upset, frustrated,” she added. “What is the world coming to that, [people are] not only committing the crime, but posting pictures?”

The police arrived to Streit-Spears’ apartment complex in Plano on Sunday, but the 43-year-old was already dead. They found Amyx alive with multiple stab wounds, which they guessed were self-inflicted. Apparently, Amyx claimed that the couple decided on some sort of "suicide pact," since he was already on the run from police. Allegedly, Streit-Spears decided not to go through with this "plan," so Amyx tried to finish her off. 

A local NBC station reported that the Plano man had been previously charged for indecency with a child and the continuous sex abuse of a child under 14. Police arrested Amyx for murder, along with his other charges. Not only did he kill his girlfriend, but he decided that it was a really good time to take a selfie for all the world—including her family—to see. 

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