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Fans Think Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift Were Hinting At Their Collab This Whole Time

Taygracie stans, this is our year. Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams have toured together for the past year on The Eras Tour, and soon, they’ll officially have a song together. Abrams recruited the help of several fan pages to announce songs on her new album, The Secret Of Us, out June 21.

On May 13, Abrams officially announced the tracklist for the album, which includes the song “us. (feat. Taylor Swift).” If you’re a Swiftie, you know that May 13 is significant. May is the year’s fifth month, and this upcoming collab is the fifth track on Gracie’s new album. Swift is also known for having her most heart-wrenching songs as the fifth track on her albums.

It’s also worth mentioning that this collab was also announced on the 13th, which is Swift’s lucky number. Many fans love both Swift and Abrams’ music, so the internet went crazy when the news of their collaboration broke. But both fandoms quickly learned that there were several easter eggs pointing to this collab long before its official announcement. 

Taylor Swift’s Yellow Eras Tour Dress.

First, we have Swift’s yellow dress she wore on stage with Abrams during one of her Eras Tour stops (Swifties knew that this dress meant The Eras Tour’s surprise songs would cause chaos). Let’s also not forget that yellow is also the color of Abrams’ new era. 

Both singers seemed to reference each other in their latest music videos.

Another clue fans have pointed out is that both singers have included tiny easter eggs for each other in their most recent music videos. Abrams’ was in apartment 13 in her “Risk” music video while Swift had their collab title, “Us,” on a book in the “Fortnight” music video

Taylor Swift’s ‘TTPD’ included a gracie abrams easter egg.

In Swift’s song “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” off of The Tortured Poets Department, she included the title of Abrams’ first album, Good Riddance, in her lyrics. Taygracie fans knew immediately that something was up. 

Gracie abrams has another song that could feature Taylor Swift.

There’s a second big song song stans want to be released, and it might be another one featuring Swift. “In Between” is an unreleased Abrams song that makes a ton of references to Swift’s music. Both fandoms are known for being a bit delulu (me included), but hear me out. What if “In Between” is “us. (feat. Taylor Swift)?” It makes sense to have Swift on a song all about her music. 

This Gracie stan made a thread explaining why she thought the theory was real. Abrams’ official fan page responded with the word “between.” It’s a stretch, but crazier theories have been right before. 

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m so excited for an official collab from two of my favorite artists. Abrams’ new era is more fun and flirty, proven by her first single, “Risk.” With Abrams continuing to open for The Eras Tour later this year, hopefully, we’ll get live performances of her collab with Swift.

There are so many exciting things about both singers’ new eras and something tells me Swift and Abrams have more tricks up their sleeves. 

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