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‘Good Trouble’: The Wildest Moments From ‘Re-Birthday’, Ranked

This week’s episode of Good Trouble was a party from start to finish. The Coterie gang – Callie, Mariana, Malika, Gael, Alice and Dennis spend the night on a citywide trivia-themed bar crawl, all in celebration of Davia’s 25th re-birthday. Yes, re-birthday. To spice things up, they were accompanied by a few guests – Raj, Jamie, Bryan, Sumi, and Isaac. With this many people and connections involved, it was bound to be a crazy night. Here are the wildest moment’s from ‘Re-Birthday’, ranked:


Bryan Knows Callie Broke Up with Gael and Confronts Him

Towards the end of the episode, Bryan drops the bomb that he knows the real reason why Gael and Callie aren’t together anymore. The whole time, Bryan thought Gael chose him after the ultimatum of choosing between him and Callie. But in reality, Callie was the one who broke up with Gael, not the other way around. *Awkward*. Gael manages to sweet talk his way out of it, and all is well between the two of them. At least for now!


The Jalapeño Wing Contest // Alice Eats the Worm

I got heartburn just by watching this. The Coterie gang and their guests took up Davia on her challenge – a race to be the first to finish 25 of “Anthony’s Butt-Burner” jalapeño wings in three minutes. Oof. Though everyone ate like champs, Sumi and Gael were the winners of the night.

BONUS wild moment – In the name of team spirit, Alice agrees to eat the worm in her shot glass! Doesn’t she know that’s like, a DEATH SENTENCE?

Fun fact via @CierraRamirez, 675 hot wings were used in the creation of this scene. #GoodTrouble pic.twitter.com/VqBPIMGAO3

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

Jamie Dances Shirtless with Go-Go Dancers

This was a highlight of the night for me. Wanting to score more points for his team, he accepts Davia’s challenge of dancing with go-go dancers for 20 points. “I think I can do that” – and he DID! The gang went wild. Absolutely priceless.

This exists in GIF form. YOU’RE WELCOME. #GoodTrouble // @Beau_Mirchoff pic.twitter.com/ekHeA0wmO3

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

The Kissing Game

In another interesting turn in the night’s events, Davia’s next challenge is for everyone to kiss someone they never have. This lets us see some hook ups we would’ve never seen coming – Davia and Malika, Gael and Alice, Mariana and a total stranger! Definitely a night to remember.

You can’t put a point value on that. #GoodTrouble pic.twitter.com/bNcaA6riHc

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

Sumi Kisses Alice

This was a shocker. We already know that Sumi and Alice were lovers turned friends, and that Alice still has feelings for her. The only issue? Sumi is getting married to someone else. So it came as a surprise when at the club, when Alice jokingly says she needs a palate cleanse after kissing Gael, Sumi grabs her and KISSES her! After, Alice says “I was thinking more like a beer, or something”. Way to make things even more awkward.

Callie and Mariana’s Brother Brandon Shows Up

The sisters call a cab to take them to the first spot on Davia’s trivia bar crawl. When they hop in, the person in the driver’s seat looks a bit familiar:

If only every rideshare service had @DGLambert as the driver. #GoodTrouble pic.twitter.com/1cC49NdY7t

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

That’s right! Callie and Mariana’s brother Brandon (David Lambert) makes a surprise appearance! It’s the Fosters reunion we all deserve. His showing up does come with a little drama, though. He’s hiding his job as a driver from his wife, seeming to come from a place of inferiority. He also asks Callie and Mariana to not tell Jamie, for reasons he wouldn’t say. Either way, we want the best for you, Brandon!

Mariana and Raj Steal the Disco

Well played. When they spot opponents Sumi and Alice plotting to take the disco ball for points, Mariana and Raj work smarter & not harder. They spot security and tell them about the girls’ plans to take the ball down. While they’re being confronted, the two head over to the center of the dance floor and hilariously manage to snatch the disco ball and run out the club. SUCCESS!

Aaaand that’s our cue to leave the club. #GoodTrouble pic.twitter.com/iLl1sLJzGV

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

Callie and Bryan Kiss in Front of Jamie and Gael

The kissing game was taken to a whole new level with this one! In yet another effort to score points, opposing team players Callie and Bryan share a kiss in the club. Of course, the kiss catches the eye of their S.Os, Jamie and Gael, respectively. And they did not look happy. I understand it for the sake of the game, but maybe it wasn’t the best idea, given all the drama the love rectangle has been through over the course of the season. Yikes.

Bryan wanted what Gael had. #GoodTrouble pic.twitter.com/GeT37VERi3

— Good Trouble (@GoodTrouble) March 13, 2019

Davia and Dennis Argue Outside the Club


She was bound to find out, Dennis! Earlier in the episode, we learn the real reason why Davia’s married BF Jeff didn’t show up to her birthday festivities. While he actually showed up to the Coterie, he was met by Dennis – AND his fist. That’s right, Dennis punched Jeff square in the face! Safe to say he flew back home after that. The whole time Dennis kept this a secret, until it blew up in his face after she receives a phone call from Jeff. Although Dennis’ explanation seemed to come from a good place, I just can’t help but to feel bad for Davia! Let her make her own decisions, man!

Dennis Punches Jeff in a Flashback

Tying in with our #2, I SCREAMED when Dennis punched Jeff! I TRULY did not see this one coming. Jeff actually showing up was a surprise itself, especially since he’s been pretty bad to Davia recently. Things got super awkward when Dennis declined Jeff’s request to go inside and wait for her, but it quickly went from 0 to 100 when he landed one right to the nose! It was a hard hit, too. But apparently it wasn’t enough to keep him away – at the end of the episode, we see him in bed with Davia! Uh-oh. 

I can’t wait to see how Davia handles this for the rest of the season. Will she forgive Dennis and say he’s right? Will she decide to stay with Jeff? Will she ditch both of them? Next Tuesday needs to be here already.

‘Re-Birthday’ had a lot to unpack. A fun birthday celebration couldn’t have come without drama, tears, and revelations! While we got closure for some things, like where Callie and Gael stand, a lot is still left up in the air. There’s still a few episodes to go in the season, and hopefully we’ll get all the answers!

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