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Good For Zoe Kravitz & Channing Tatum, Her Himbo Boyfriend

Celebrity couples this summer have truly epitomized the good (MGK and Megan Fox’s “Bad Boy Summer”), the bad (RIP Kimye), and the ugly (seriously, what was Harry Styles doing on that boat?). But if there’s one couple that I have my eye on as the next aspirational #goals, it’s definitely Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum.

The two of them have been spotted a few times out and about in Williamsburg, according to Vanity Fair, and while they haven’t officially confirmed a relationship to the public yet, I’m still really into the idea of them as a concept. They’re the perfect celebrity couple: a really beautiful, really cool woman paired up with the harmless, handsome hunk of our dreams. They’re kind of like a slightly better, younger Bennifer — just less history, less PDA, and less Ben Affleck. What more could you want?

Channing is consistently lauded as an extremely good-looking man and a talented actor, but the appeal of Zo-Chan for me is how Zoe is obviously the much cooler person in this relationship. She’s a veritable Gen Z icon in her own right — we grew up with her watching the Divergent movies, and got sucked into watching her on Big Little Lies in 2019 (listen, Renata may have been the wildest character, but Bonnie was the center of that show. I don’t take criticism). You could pair Zoe Kravitz up with any male Hollywood A-lister and she would emerge as the “better half,” frankly. That’s why Channing gassing her up (seriously — he follows multiple Zoe Kravitz fan accounts on Instagram, which is both wholesome and kind of relatable) rather than trying to wear the pants in this relationship is so fun. It’s not that he isn’t bringing anything to the table; instead, he’s providing the perfect goofy, gorgeous foil to Zoe’s effortless cool.

I think Zo-Chan feeds into the larger trend of pop culture’s answer to the toxic masculinity of the past few years: the himbo, or a man that looks like your typical gym dudebro, but is respectful and kind to a fault (and maybe a little airheaded). GQ even named the Magic Mike movies as an example in their explainer on himbos, so you know Channing has been in this game from the beginning. There’s something undeniably fascinating about seeing someone as put-together and stylish as Zoe breezing through summer in that blue dress everyone and their mother wants, and Channing just being happy to carry her bags for her like her #1 supporter. He’s like the celebrity version of the “offline boyfriend.”

If you ask me, this is what I want out of every celebrity couple: dressed-down skater couple style, romantic bike rides, and a powerful woman and her himbo. The dream.

Erica Kam

Columbia Barnard '21

Erica is an Associate Editor at Her Campus. She was formerly the Contributing Editor (2020-21), Wellness Editor (2019-20), High School Editor (2018-19), and an Editorial Intern (2018). She graduated from Barnard College in 2021 with a degree in English and creative writing, and was the Senior Editor of Her Campus Columbia Barnard (2018-20). When she's not writing or editing (which is rare), she's probably looking at food pictures on Instagram.
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