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Gina Rodriguez Adds A New Member To The Family: Meet Her Adorable Pup

After the passing of her dog Ted two years ago, it seems Gina Rodriguez is finally ready to get another pup. 

TMZ reports that the Jane the Virgin actress was spotted at Citipups in NYC on Sunday, along with her dog Casper, visiting a bright-eyed, fuzzy-faced Havanese puppy. Rodriguez had reportedly visited Citipups before to check out the adorable 9-week-old pup but wanted to make sure he and Casper would be a right match. It seems the two got along just fine because per TMZ, the Chicago native cashed in $2,500 for the little guy.

The unnamed Havanese puppy will reportedly join his new family sometime this week, after he’s fully recovered from being neutered, which took place on Monday. This is really good news for Casper, who’s probably been a bit lonely, with Gina spending most of her time on set.

What an awesome little blessing! I can’t wait to see all the Instagram pictures that she’s going to post of her new pup.

You can take your first peek at Gina’s newest family member here.

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