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Gilmore Girls Action Figures Are Going to Become a Real Thing

We are about a month away from one of the most anticipated revivals ever! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix in November and this past Wednesday also marked the 16th anniversary of the show’s premiere, with 200 coffee shops nationwide transforming into Luke’s Diner, a staple from the beloved show.

Now a new way to celebrate the show is coming, and we don’t know if we’re ready for it. Funko, the company behind the pop culture figurines and action figures with the cute face and big head, just confirmed they are releasing Gilmore Girl-themed collectible figurines.   

Using the hashtag #AskFunko, a fan wanted to know where the Lorelai and Rory pops were? Funko currently has a vast list of shows and movies they make figures for, so it’s a wonder why it’s taken this long for the company to make Stars Hollows’ most popular residents into tangible figurines for our work desks and college dorm rooms.

Imagine enjoying your 6th cup of coffee for the morning with a little Funko Rory just chillin’ next to your computer. This can’t come soon enough!

Alani Vargas


Alani is a native to Chicago with a passion for women's rights, journalism and coffee. She is a senior at Northwestern, majoring in journalism at Medill. She's on the magazine track and studied in Florence last fall, advancing her second major in history. Alani has written for Her Campus national and her Northwestern chapter since freshman year and is now the Editor-in-Chief and CC for her chapter. She's also currently a freelancer for Elite Daily When Alani isn't working, binge watching Supergirl, Buffy or the billion other shows she keeps up with, she enjoys music and geeking out over Star Wars or anything Marvel. Follow Alani on twitter and instagram at @alanimv!
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