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A Gay Kiss Was Cut From ‘Descendants 2,’ & People Are Pissed

The release of Descendants 2 seemed like everything fans were hoping for. Thirteen million viewers tuned in for the Disney Channel movie’s premiere last Friday. But afterwards, fans found out about a cut scene which showed a long-awaited kiss between Harry Hook, the son of Captain Hook played by Thomas Doherty, and Gil, Gaston’s son played by Dylan Playfair. Thanks to Instagram posts from both actors, fans now know the scene was filmed and they’re asking Disney why it wasn’t in the movie.


what will you tell your kids you did on July 21st? #descendants2 #premier A truly, inspiringly, beautiful human being.

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Viewers expressed their sadness about the deleted scene in Instagram comments as well as on Twitter. It’s unfortunate that Disney cut the scene when there are already so few LGBTQ+ characters on television, much less on Disney Channel.

In the Descendants 2 book, Harry and Gil’s kiss makes the cut. Many fans knew this about the book series and were expecting the scene to be in the movie. So why wasn’t it? There’s no clear answer at this point, but according to Refinery29Descendants 3 is a possibility, so maybe we’ll see a kiss between the two then.

While we wait for Disney’s next move, at least we have photographic evidence of the kiss to remind us that Harry and Gil’s love is alive.

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