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FYI, Jeremiah Girls: This Is Gavin Casalegno’s Relationship Status

Gavin Casalegno stole my heart playing Jeremiah Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty back in 2022, so I had to know who he was seeing IRL. For anyone who hasn’t had the privilege of learning who the Casalegno is, I’m here to educate. The 6’2” dreamboat is an American actor and model who has a major part in TSITP as Jeremiah, one of the two Fisher brothers whose hearts Belly stole (the other being Conrad, played by Christopher Briney).

He was also in The Vampire Diaries way back in 2015, where he played young Damon, for anyone who thinks he totally looks familiar. And now that our favorite summer series is back for Season 2 on July 14, I bet tons of people are wondering if Gavin Casalegno is dating anyone (don’t lie, you rushed to Google this, too).

As fans of Season 1 of TSITP know, Jeremiah didn’t get the girl last time around, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Casalegno has been similarly unlucky in love. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff. I’ve got all the details on his current relationship status, his dating history, and where he stands now with Larsen Thompson, for all the Casalegno experts who already know her name.

What is Gavin Casalegno’s relationship status?

After some online sleuthing, it’s clear Jeremiah’s actor is single, but just recently. He dated one (and only one) girl in his past and he stayed with her for six years — from 2016, when Casalegno was just 16, to 2022. You already know Casalegno stole my heart, but let’s talk about who stole his: Larsen Thompson, an actress, dancer and model. She’s just as much of a heartthrob as her former beau. (Like, look at her Instagram.) But what do we know about Thompson’s career and the split star-studded couple? I’m glad you asked.

Who is his ex-girlfriend Larsen Thompson?

The 22-year-old triple-threat acts, models and dances. She started off her career with a bang at just 15 years old when her choreographed YouTube video “IDFWU” went viral, receiving over 4 million views in 2016. In that same year, after her viral choreo wowed the internet, she appeared in Sia’s music video for “The Greatest,” and Børns’ track “American Money.” Since then Thompson has also been a backup dancer for many artists on tour including Børns, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, P!nk, Sia, Silento, and more. Her childhood and early career is rooted in her dancing ability. 

Let’s also talk about her movies, TV shows, and music. Thompson might be better known for dancing on stage rather than acting on one, but she has her fair share of acting credits under her belt. The action-packed Bloodline was the first film Thompson landed a named role and since she’s just gone up. As the main character in 2020’s Pearl (not the A24 one, but still creepy), Thompson continued her streak of playing serious characters, and in 2022 she landed yet another spooky part as Julia in Netflix’s The Midnight Club. Most recently, she’s delved into the world of music. So far she has two singles fans can listen to, “Roots” and “Million.”

What was Thompson’s relationship like with Casalegno?

LIke many celeb couples, the two kept their relationship mostly off of social media. Their pictures were captured by paparazzi when they made the rare public appearance. Since both of them were minors for most of their relationship, they kept it PG. That doesn’t mean they didn’t leave some adorable breadcrumbs for me to find post-breakup, however. 

“We actually met off of Instagram,” Thompson shared in a YouTube video from February 2018. “We chat with a mutual photographer, and the next week, Gavin and I are shooting with her, and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, you have to meet this person. You guys would be so cute together.’ So, I went onto her photos and saw a picture of Gavin, so I liked it, he saw my like and came onto my Instagram, and he slid into my DMs.” Neither of them have spoken publicly about the reason behind their breakup.

It’s always sad to see such a long relationship end, but I hope both Casalegno and Thompson are in a better place now that they’ve gone their separate ways. And that means Casalegno is back on the market for all of the girlies who are feeling delulu enough to think they have a chance with him. (No judgment, we’ve all been there.)

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