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15 Cozy & Cute Games Like ‘Animal Crossing’ For Hot Girl Hibernation

Gamer girls, it’s time to unite. Winter is coming and we need to start stocking up on cozy games to get us through the season. The snow and dark skies keep us inside for, like, three whole months, and there’s no way we’re going to spend all that time being bored. 

Whether you’re a casual gamer girl or die-hard PC player, we can all agree that it’s time to put some respect on cute, “girly” games. And there’s nothing wrong with being a female gamer that enjoys calming, comfy games. (Or someone who just wants to start out easy on their gaming journey!)

Personally, I’m a year-round cozy gamer. Nothing beats a solid Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Minecraft session when it feels like the world is falling apart and I need some comfort. The dreary winter happens to make me feel this way each year. We have to do something to fight that inevitable seasonal depression. Why not escape into a magical, adorable land where everything is relaxing and slow-paced?

So, I’m here to share my treasure trove of game recs for your hot girl hibernation. Open your notes app and get ready to make a new gamer girl wishlist.

Stardew Valley

After Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley has to be the second-most cozy and vibey game. You play as a grandchild who inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot. Armed with some lackluster tools and your wits, you need to build the farm of your dreams and help bring life back to Stardew Valley.

Where to download: PC / Mac / Linux, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation VITA, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Cozy Grove

C’mon, it has “cozy” in the name, you know this is a must-have. In Cozy Grove, you play as a spirit scout on a haunted island. It’s your job to befriend the local ghosts and bring color to the island. (Like, literally. Until you make friends with the spirits the game display is black and white.)

Where to download: iOS, PC / Mac / Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation VITA.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is just what it sounds like. Take a short hike up a mountain to explore flora and fauna. Meet other hikers along the way and discover hidden treasures. You can climb plenty of peaks in Hawk Peak Provincial Park, and each one comes with new friends and adventures. 

Where to download: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, itch.io, Epic, and Steam.


Developers made Unpacking for people who love organizing and doing puzzles in their free time. You play a young girl all the way into adulthood and you move her into eight houses. With each move, you get more hints about what your character’s life is like and get to put together a magical story. 

Where to download: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation, Humble Store, and GOG.


Wanna know what is adorable? Death! No, seriously. In Spiritfarer you play as Stella, the ferry master of the dead and personification of Death. You and your cat, Daffodil, work together to farm, mine, fish, and sail across the River Styx to deliver the deceased to the afterlife. This game, in addition to having pink, bubbly animation, helps players manage death anxiety. 

Where to download: Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Night In The Woods

If you ever just feel like dropping out of college, Mae understands. In Night In The Woods, you play as Mae, who got fed-up with university life and decided it was time to go back home. But while she’s trying to reconnect with old friends and find her path in life, she can’t help but notice something is happening in the woods…

Where to download: itch.io.

Coffee Talk

Welcome to Seattle in the 1990s! Make yourself at home. You’re a barista in Coffee Talk and your job is to listen to and comfort all of your customers. Explore branching storylines, where the patrons’ decisions aren’t based on dialogue options, but how you treat and serve the customers of your café. 

Where to download: Steam, GOG, and itch.io.

The Spirit And The Mouse: Help A Village After A Storm

Unlikely allies Lila the mouse and Lumion the Spirit guardian come together after a terrible storm to rebuild their town, Sainte-et-Claire. Fight the power outage and complete side quests to help restore balance. Sainte-et-Claire is full of heartwarming adventures for you to embark on. 

Where to download: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Epic, GOG, and itch.io.

Witchy Life Story: Save The Harvest Festival

Witchy Life Story understands our need to slay a runway. Play as a fully customizable witch where your wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle can all be true to you. Also, you have two weeks to save a festival from going awry or Grandma is gonna kick you out of the family. No pressure! 

Where to download: Steam.

Naiad: Explore The Beauty Of Nature

In classical mythology, the Naiad is a nymph presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater. Relax and get lost in nature as a local forest Naiad. This solo-player game with only peaceful interactions allowed aims to be a truly anxiety-free game: No death. No violence. No realism. 

Where to download: Steam.


You saved the world… apparently? You can’t really remember, but according to everyone else you’re a total rockstar. Scour the world of Solemn in search of your memories and put together answers from the past by befriending and interacting with townsfolk. Also, read tarot for your friends and adopt the local duck, because why not?

Where to download: GOG.

Frog Detective

You are a detective. And also a frog. Take on one of the three big cases plaguing you in your sleep and seize the day one hop at a time. 

Where to download: Steam.

Haven Park

Inspired by Animal Crossing and A Short Hike, Haven Park draws on aspects of both these games to create a tiny, open world with friendly campers and lovable, furry friends. You play as Flint, who’s doing his best to keep Haven Park up to par and please residents. Also, you (Flint) are a cute, chubby bird. 

Where to download: Steam, Nintendo Switch, GOG, and itch.io.


Townscraper is just an adorable, aesthetically-pleasing version of Minecraft without survival-mode. Build a quaint town with pastel colors and adorable cafes, boutiques, and cobblestones streets. You can spend your day looking for resources or just enjoying the view; a perfect escape. 

Where to download: iOS, Android, Steam, and Epic.

Untitled Goose Game

It’s a beautiful day, and you can’t wait to ruin it for everyone. Annoy, steal, attack, and scare everyone around town as a terrible goose who just wants to get into everything. You should definitely take a nap on that vegetable garden; maybe even help yourself to the food. Also, if someone throws away a perfectly good soccer ball, isn’t it your duty to make use of it? Wack it into the street using your beak. See what happens.

Where to download: Steam, itch.io, Epic, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Besties, dust off your gaming system and start downloading! These cozy games are enough to get you to spring.

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