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gloria, demi, cameron, and ines in freeridge
gloria, demi, cameron, and ines in freeridge
Photo by Kevin Estrada for Netflix
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Let’s Unpack That Shocking Ending Of ‘Freeridge’ Season 1

The next generation of the core four have arrived! Freeridge was probably the first show I checked off my list of shows and movies to watch in February. The show brings back both old and new fans to relive the adventures and mysteries that exist in the town of Freeridge. It even introduces a new cast of characters while reintroducing old favorites from On My Block. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Freeridge Season 1 follow. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s go over the first season — and that wild ending. 

Following the events of On My Block, Freeridge introduces us to Gloria and Ines, sisters who are at odds with one another (I mean, the show literally begins with the two in an epic fistfight), and Cameron and Demi, best friends with a possible romance brewing between them. Which seems cute… until you realize Cameron already has a boyfriend! 

If the first episode wasn’t enough of a foreshadowing of the emotional roller coaster that awaits us, the final episode left viewers’ jaws (specifically mine) dropped due to the ending. In the season finale, Mariluna, the twin sister of Abuelita aka Marisol, is shot to death in front of her driveway by Santo’s members. But how and why did this happen? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with an explanation for Mariluna’s death and the many possibilities for future seasons of Freeridge.

Did Demi and Ines unintentionally create a curse?

Demi and Ines consulted a bruja, Juanita (yes, the Juanita you’re thinking of), to determine whether Ines was the curse that someone was going to die. After discovering she wasn’t, Juanita warns them that in the process of undoing their first curse, they may have brought another one upon themselves. Demi and Ines later discuss how they can cover Ines’ father’s cancer treatments at Demi’s house, during which Demi recalls the roller world money and how Marisol was the one to rebury it and create a map for it. Davina’s boyfriend, Joker, unintentionally overhears this new revelation while laying on their couch, reigniting his interest in the lost fortune. Oh, did I forget to mention Joker was a member of the Santos, the original owners of the roller world money?

demi, cameron, ines, and gloria in freeridge
Photo by Kevin Estrada for Netflix

Was Marisol the cause of Mariluna’s death?

After spending the entirety of Episode 3 in search of Cinnamon, a TikTok-famous local bruja, the core four finally met her at the party and asked about their cursed box situation. Cinnamon isn’t much help until Gloria runs into her and she tells her, “One sister will be the downfall of the other… someone will die.” That sounds totally terrifying, but keep it in mind for later.

Fast forward to the night of the Thanksgiving party. While Mariluna is outside, a couple of Santos members — including Joker — mistake her for her twin sister, Marisol. 

Marisol reburied the roller world money after helping Jamal, Monse, Cesar, and Ruby to discover it during the events of On My Block, and she made a map so the kids could find it again in the future. Because the Santos were the original owners of the roller world money, they confronted Mariluna to reclaim what was theirs.

After arguing about the roller world money, it’s implied that the Santos shoot and kill Mariluna for not telling them where it was located. Do you remember what Cinnamon said? Throughout the course of the show, the writers lead us to believe that Gloria and Ines will be each other’s undoing; even Gloria tries to protect Ines because she believes she will be the one to die. However, knowing what happens at the end of Season 1, we can now connect the dots on how Marisol was actually the sister to become Mariluna’s downfall.

Will the core four go after the roller world money?

With the offering that Mariluna was planning to make to the group seemingly gone with her unexpected death, we’re left wondering how they’ll cover the money to help Gloria and Ines’s father pay for his cancer treatments. Since the group is aware of the roller world money and even owns the map Marisol left behind, only time will tell if they will go after it in future seasons; however, Netflix has yet to announce a second season renewal.

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