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Freeform & Scholly Launch Program to Help Pay Off Student Loan Debt

To celebrate the second season of grown-ish, Freeform teamed up with Scholly, a scholarship app that has helped students with scholarships and reducing student loan debt, to launch a student loan payoff of up to $125,000 for current students and graduates with student loan debt. Yep, you heard that right -- Freeform and Scholly want to pay off your student debt.

According to Freeform’s press release, Freeform and Scholly know that student debt can prevent young individuals from attaining their goals, and hope the program will help student loan borrowers to pay off debt that is holding them back from living out their dreams.

“College is great but student loans suck,” the promo featuring the program says. They do have a point.

According to Marie Claire, Scholly notes that most students will be in at least $40,000 worth of debt after graduating from college.

The program is already taking its first submissions on the Scholly app and at myscholly.com/grownish. You can enter between January 2-31 for a chance at this “life-changing opportunity.”

Winners will be announced at the 2019 Freeform Summit, with additional details to be announced later, ABC News reports.

Meanwhile, season two of grown-ish returned to Freeform on Wednesday, January 2nd with two new back-to-back episodes.

The second season will follow Zooey (played by the talented Yara Shahidi) and her friends as they take on their second year at CalU with “confidence and swagger.” Although they think they have their second year down with all the life lessons from their first year, they’ll all soon learn that they’re “not as grown as they think.”

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