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Frank Ocean’s Instagram Story Has Fans Hopeful For New Music

Besties, did you see Frank Ocean’s Instagram story? From headlining Coachella to being featured on Drake’s For All The Dogs, the mysterious musician seems to be finding his way back into the spotlight. And for all of the fans asking “When will Frank Ocean release new music?” the answer might be coming sooner than we think.

After slowly becoming more active on the app, Frank Ocean shared a one-minute preview of new music on his story and obviously, the internet is now losing their minds. The Instagram story shared on Nov. 8, doesn’t offer any context on whether this is a new project, but fans are hopeful it means there is an album in the works. 

The snippet of music is moody and features Ocean’s vocals talking about the confusion of love. The lyrics easily slide together, but fans love the snippet anyway which features lyrics like, “You got boundaries, but they’re just obstacles you’re putting in between us / Pick and choose but we both got options.”

Fans noticed Ocean’s recent increase in social media engagement, @Steez_HH tweeted “Frank Ocean posted on his Instagram story for the fourth day in a row. so that means Frank is dropping his album soon.” 

Many think that the new social media use is a clear sign of an upcoming album. It’s been over three years since Ocean released new music, sharing singles “Cayendo” and “Dear April” in April 2020. In addition, his album Blonde was released all the way back in 2016 and got him nominated for Top R&B Album for the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.

In April of this year, he headlined Coachella, his first live performance since 2017, and in addition to not sharing any new music during his set, the set started late and was cut short due to curfew. ICYMI, fans were upset that the set was not live streamed on Coachella’s socials as well. Now, fans are remembering that he had hinted about a new album coming out “not right now” during his Coachella set, and fans are hoping that the snippet he shared means a new album coming soon.

Check on the Frank Ocean fan in your life today.

Some fans shared their shock. 

There was agreement among fans that was great news to wake up to. 

Some fans are unsure of what will happen but are grateful to hear Ocean again regardless.

So, when will Frank drop the album? Who knows — but hopefully, it’ll be just in time for my sad girl winter.

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