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Frank Ocean Is Headlining Coachella & Twitter Is Freaking TF Out

Everyone, check on your moody music-loving best friend. On Jan. 10, Coachella released its 2023 lineup — and there’s a certain artist headlining that nobody expected. However, it’s the artist that everyone not only needed… but wanted. And I’m talking about Frank Ocean.

That’s right, besties. In the midst of his hiatus, Ocean is coming out of retirement to headline Coachella in 2023. To say that I’m freaking out would be a complete understatement: my hands are shaking so hard right now, I swear they’re about to fly off of my keyboard. Alongside headlining artists like BLACKPINK and Bad Bunny, Ocean has snagged a top spot at one of the most popular music festivals in the world, and his fans are freaking TF out. (Myself included.)

ICYMI, this is kind of a big deal. After his certified Platinum album, Blonde, came out in 2016, Ocean has yet to release any more music. Despite constant rumors flowing about the possibility of new music, Ocean hasn’t hinted at an official release of a new project for quite some time. Additionally, Ocean’s headlining announcement comes almost three years after Coachella’s 2020 cancellation, where he was confirmed to headline. Since then, fans have been begging Ocean to return to the desert and, fortunately, their prayers have been answered. And on Twitter, you’ll never hear the end of it.

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