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Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Houghton Weighs In On Fifth Harmony’s Hiatus

It’s only been a few days since Fifth Harmony announced their hiatus, and I know we’re all still in shock (or maybe just me?). Though their explanation is totally fair, it’s still hard to process an indefinite break, and you’re left wondering if your fave band will ever get back together. In times like this, it helps to call in some expert opinions, and one happens to be from a former member of a girl group (or two, rather), Adrienne Houghton (formerly Adrienne Bailon), who you probably know from The Cheetah Girls.


Adrienne was also a member of 3LW, so she’s been in 5H’s position. Because of her first-hand experience with everything Fifth Harmony is facing, Houghton was asked to share her thoughts. “They have incredible chemistry. But at the same time, I think they’re actually encouraging each other to do their own thing,” she said on E!’s show Daily Pop.

I mean, solo careers are super in right now, *cough cough* Harry Styles, Camilla Cabello, Zayn Malik, etc., etc.

The Real talk show co-host doesn’t have any way to tell if solo careers will work out for them, though. “I don’t know about all that,” Adrienne said. “But I think they’re super talented girls and I think they’re all going to find their own niche.” It will be interesting to see where each member goes from here, TBH.

Adrienne also mentioned that it’s just a part of growing up, which is totally fair considering Fifth Harmony has been together for six years, starting at a young age. “When you get in a group that young, you’re still figuring out who you are,” she explained. “And then you find out who you are, and you have your own goals and your own dreams and your own aspirations. I think it’s dope that they’re supporting one another to go follow those dreams.”



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It helps for fans to hear these thoughts from someone who’s been through it all and can understand where 5H is coming from. I mean, good things don’t last forever and sometimes it’s best to try something new. Who knows, maybe their hiatus will truly be just that, a break, and we’ll see them make a comeback down the road.

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