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You can immerse yourself in the future world of Defiance by watching the show on Syfy, by playing the video game by Trion and by following your favorite characters on Twitter. Every Monday night, when the show airs, the characters of Defiance take to the social media network and live-tweet their thoughts. 

Cast of Characters/Twitter Handles

Joshua Nolan (@No_Man_Nolan): human; one of the Defiant Few and adopted father of Irisa

Irisa Nyira (@IrisaDefiance): Irathient; adopted daughter of Nolan 

Amanda Rosewater (@amandarosewater): human; Mayor of Defiance

Datak Tarr (@dataktarr): Castithan leader in Defiance

Stahma Tarr (@stahmatarr): Datak’s wife and the mother of Alak Tarr

Alak Tarr (@alaktarr): son of Datak and Stahma; Christie McCawley’s fiance

Christie McCawley (@christimccawley): daughter of Rafe McCawley and fiancee of Alak Tarr

Rafe McCawley (@rafemccawley): owner of the mines and father of Christie, Quentin and Luke

Last night, Irisa challenged Datak Tarr by stopping the ceremonial torture of a Castithan who had run from a battle. Nolan and Rafe took a team to Old St.Louis, which is underneath Defiance, to search for Rafe’s son Luke’s killer.

Christie was having second thoughts about marrying Alak Tarr so soon, but his mother convinced her that love conquers all fears. (Of course, Alak’s parents only encourage the marriage because they want access to the McCawley mines).

The former mayor, Nicky, plans to destroy (Defiance or the Votans?) in order to reclaim Earth.

Amanda’s ability to run the town is challenged by Datak and others, and a fight almost ensues. Datak makes a great show of mercy, only to murder the Castithan deserter overnight and leave him to be found by Mayor Amanda and her team.

Rafe goes through his deceased son’s things and finds a large gold item that looks like jewelry but is obviously something much more important. 

NEXT WEEK: We learn more about Irisa’s visions.




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