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Your obliques are that sexy lower part of your abdomen (tummy) that looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g when you tone it up and get that incredible v-shape. You know, the one that some men have? Yup, we can get that too.


These are those cool muscles that when tight and firm make your thighs jiggle less and look leaner. When they are super built up, they make your thighs thunderous…and guys usually like that.


This is a large muscle that runs along the back of your legs from the top to the back of your knee. Because it is large, it will need extra attention when it comes to stretching and loosening up before and after a workout.


The top part of your shoulders and upper back where you can get those sexy grooves.


Yeah, this is a common term, one you probably recognize. It’s not only that sexy bulging muscle that we all like to exaggerate with our five inch stilettos. It’s a powerful muscle that will be key in toning and shaping your entire lower body.
Shin—Your shin is a delicate muscle located on the fronts and side of your lower leg. It’s an area that is prone to injury so take care of it.

Balls of Feet

This is the area just after your arch and just before your toes. This is the area that your feet should hit the ground when you run and jog at a fast pace to prevent pressure that can lead to injury.


When people think of muscles they don't generally think of the side as one, but it definitely is one. It's one of the large muscles and runs along the side of your torso into your back.


These are the muscles on your chest just below your collarbone. You know those men that can move ‘em up and down? Get ‘em firm enough and you’ll be able to compete with them.


You ever saw someone with flabby skin or excess fat hanging from their upper arms that looked something like bat wings? Yeah, that's your triceps and a pain in the ass to keep from shaking. But never fear, a set of dumbbells and reps of pushups will solve that problem in no time.


We all know that men who have sculpted arms are sexy. Biceps are the muscle on the top of your arm that grows when you curl your arm and flex your muscle. The good news is that it's one of the easiest to sculpt.


That’s just the fancy term for your booty and hip area so remember it.

Are you familiar with these terms? Did this help?

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