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The Father Of Three Victims Of Larry Nassar Had An Emotional Moment In Court, Asking For ‘Five Minutes In A Locked Room’ With Him

During Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing on Friday, Randall Margraves, the father of three of Nassar's victims, lunged at Nassar in court. NPR reports that while Margraves was quickly tackled by deputies in the Michigan courtroom, it’s evident that Margaves was overwhelmed with emotions during his attempted attack.

PEOPLE explains that Nassar was sentenced to 60 years for three counts of sexual assault conduct earlier today at the Eaton County, Michigan courtroom. However, Margaves reportedly also asked the judge during the sentencing, “to grant [him] five minutes alone in a locked room with this demon.” Though to be honest, the term “demon” doesn’t even behind to describe Nassar’s heinous behaviors. (Seeing as he sexually assaulted approximately 265 different people, according to TIME.)

When the judge denied Margaves’ request, he changed his inquiry, “Would you give me one minute?” After his request was denied again, Margaves lurched toward Nassar in an attempt to physically assault him.

Thankfully, deputies stopped him because he could harm Nassar. While Nassar’s crimes are appalling, hurting him won’t serve him any justice (nor will getting charged with physical assault over someone who will probably spend the rest of his life locked up).

Margaves hadn’t heard his daughters’ statements prior to the hearing, so he wasn’t emotionally prepared for his daughters’ victim statements. NBC News reports that when his daughters’ did deliver their impact statements, Margaves saw Nassar shake his head to say “no.” Apparently, Nassar’s denial of his crimes is what ignited Margaves’ rage.

According to CBS News, Judge Janice Cunningham recognized that Margaves was distressed and called for a brief recess (while Margaves was obviously detained so he could calm down), before she continued sentencing the disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor.

Although Nassar is still looking at between 40 and 175 years from his hearing in Ingham for his various sexual crimes, not everyone is convinced he’s guilty (despite his multiple guilty verdicts.)

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