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‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ is a Must-See

In case you’re searching for a movie to watch this weekend that will distract you from the impending stress of finals week, look no further than Far From the Madding Crowd! Starring Carey Mulligan (from The Great Gatsby), Matthias Schoenaertz, Michael Sheen (from Breaking Dawn), and Tom Sturridge, this film is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings of any romantic.  

Based on the novel written by Thomas Hardy, this adaptation focuses on the journey of an independent woman who discovers herself after inherting a farm and assuming a role of leadership—all while finding love along the way. But don’t be quick to assume that this is just another typical love story. Far From the Madding Crowd offers far more substance than your average love triangle. In fact, Bathsheba Everdene (Mulligan) is a highly autonomous woman whose attention is sought after by 3 very different men—a hardworking farmer, a daring sergeant, and a wealthy neighbor. She maintains her high rank in a male-dominated society, and isn’t afraid to bluntly turn down the men who hurriedly ask for her hand in marriage. Bathsheba also proves that although she is a woman, she is equally as capable of doing farmwork as the men are. In fact, she isn’t afraid to join the farmers and get her pristine dresses dirty while washing sheep in a tub of dirty water.

Yesterday evening, we caught up with the cast of Far From the Madding Crowd at the film’s New York City premiere. Among the lights, camera, and plenty of action, we were able to speak exclusively with stars, and hear their thoughts on why this adaptation stands out from its previous versions.

Although Hardy wrote the novel in the 1800s, it is still quite relatable to a modern audience. The execution of this story is successful through the ways the that the cast and crew are “able to integrate aspects from the book, like independence vs. marriage, a woman in a male world, and the mistakes she makes along the way to her happy ending,” screenwriter David Nicholls told us from the red carpet. The film utilizes these timeless literary themes in order to tell a story that resonates with today’s audience. For actress Carey Mulligan, the decision to audition for the role was a no-brainer. The combination of a beautifully written storyline and a director who was able to make the vision come to life contributed to Mulligan’s choice. “I really loved the character, and I loved the story. I was also a big fan of Thomas Vinterberg’s work,” Mulligan said in an interview with us on the red carpet.


For those of you who haven’t read Hardy’s novel, the plot twists carefully incorporated into the film’s plot will leave you shocked and wondering what will happen next. Be sure to check out Far From the Madding Crowd, in theaters this Friday!

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