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Fans Have Already Figured Out Season Two of ‘Stranger Things’

After Stranger Things blew up this year, the second season seemed inevitable—and apparently it was. As we wait for the show to come back, we’re passing the time by forming some theories about season two, obviously. 

A couple months ago, Netflix released a promo video with the titles of all the episodes. Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the show, talked with The Hollywood Reporter about their motives for doing this. 

Ross told THR, “That was all our idea, so if it blows up in our faces…” Safe to say it definitely hasn’t. If anything, they’ve only increased the hype for the show. Fans now have something to work with to make their own predictions. 

As Matt explained, “Even if they aren’t the final chapter titles, everything in that teaser is major. But they’re ambiguous enough that no one is going to be able to figure it out. Some of the fan theories online are amazing. Most are wrong, but I’ve read a few that are right or very close.”

“Some of these theories are elaborate and smart. They’re not crap. I love reading this stuff,” Ross added.

Well, thanks—that’s what we were going for. Still, the two only read theories sent to them and never venture onto Reddit, the hub for all fan theories. “I know I would never get out if I went in there,” Ross said. 

Just searching Stranger Things on Reddit shows you why—it’s a madhouse. Hopefully all will be settled when the new season premieres in 2017. 

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