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Exclusive: This ‘Daily Show’ Duo Gives Us an Inside Look at Awards Season

In the midst of awards season—when all of Hollywood comes together to celebrate and recognize our favorite actors, actresses, directors and more with trophies of various shapes and sizes, we had the opportunity to sit down with Samantha Bee and Jason Jones of the Daily Show, who’ve made it their mission to “butt” into Hollywood’s most major events this season. 

Partnering with Butterfinger, the two have chosen to take on something new. In their “Pre Pre Pre Awards Show Extravaganza,” Samantha and Jason talk to everyday people from around the country (sometimes even sneaking onto the red carpet). Check out what they had to say about walking on carpets of any color, on what it’s like being the best dressed wherever they go, and just why they’re pushing their way into Hollywood—and see more of their red carpet antics at ButterfingerCups.com!

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