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Everything You Need to Know If You’re Trying to Slide Into Blake’s DMs

Twitter totally blew up when Becca sent fan favorite Blake Horstmann home during The Bachelorette season finale. Some may be hoping to catch him on TV again as the next Bachelor, but others have slightly more ambitious goals—like trying to slide into his DMs and see if they can secure a date or two with him themselves. Think you have what it takes? Don’t make any moves without reading what Blake himself told Her Campus about what exactly he’s looking for in his next relationship.

During the finale, Blake made a point of mentioning that he’s attracted to strong women and that’s something he definitely reiterated to me during our call. “I do gravitate towards strong, independent women,” he said, “I love intelligent, witty women. Women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. That’s the biggest thing for me, the wittiness and the speaking their mind.”

Sounds good to me! At least it seems like Blake wouldn’t get offended by any of my Bachelorette recaps this season. So, now we know what type of girl Blake is looking for, but what qualities is he looking for in his next relationship? “I think one of the biggest things I got out of this whole experience and relationship with Becca is the way she encourage me to be open and honest,” he said, “I want a relationship where we’ll both be honest with our feelings and our words.”

Alright, so maybe you’re convinced that you’re the perfect girl for Blake and want to start prepping for a flawless first date. Want advice? Skip the heels and go for a cute pair of sneakers! B would be so disappointed if you showed up in something you couldn’t move around in. “I’m an active guy, I live in Colorado, I live in Denver, so I really enjoy outdoors dates,” Blake said. And don’t plan on any awkward silence—Blake is big on keeping the conversation going. “I like dates where you can actually talk,” he said, “I’m not really going to take a girl to a movie for the first date. Maybe like a hike or something like that, something outdoors. Maybe even go karts. Something where it’s active but you can still chat and have an intellectual conversation.” 

So, who’s ready to give Blake a rose? 

Brie is the Sex & Relationships editor. She lives in New York City, where she studies psychology and creative writing at Columbia University. She is a feature writer and style writer for Her Campus National. She also covered Season 14 of 'The Bachelorette' and was the one behind all those snarky tweets and hilarious recaps. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
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