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Everything We Know About Ashley S. From ‘The Bachelor’

America’s sweetheart, Ashley S., was sent packing by Bachelor Chris Soules this week, and even though we only knew her for a short four Monday nights, we can’t help but mourn the loss of her little crazy self. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Ashley’s wacky behavior, so we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to compile a list of everything we know about her. And just to throw this out there… we wouldn’t be opposed to giving her a spin-off show…

1. She lives on her own planet

Remember when Ashley brutally murdered all those harmless zombie actors with her paintball gun? What was even worse was her interrupting Chris’s confessional to babble about we don’t know what and then laying down beside a cat on the ground.

2. She was super drunk the whole time

It all began with an onion…or should we say pomegranate. Who could blame her if she drank too much that first night—and every night thereafter—with all that free booze right at her fingertips? Those other two blonde girls whose names we’ve already forgotten did the same thing!

3. Chris’s handsomeness charmed her into a frightening obsession

This week Ashley’s antics were just too much for Chris. Yep, we’re talking about when she dropped the ‘L’ word into their camping convo. She even threatened to never let him go. So, are we sure she’s not stalking him now?

4. She was lying to stay in the game

In the same episode that she proclaimed her love for Chris, she also gave quite possibly the best exit interview we’ve ever seen. According to the Tinkerbell lookalike, who we’re guessing wandered around the mansion for at least a couple of hours before being forced into her exit limo, she feels “nothing” for Chris. And he is in total agreement. In his blog for People, he justified her flip-flopping attitude: “I wasn’t really flattered because I knew what she was saying wasn’t true; it was the full moon talking!” Don’t be so naïve, Chris!

5. She might not have been there for the right reasons… but it was worth it (for us)



A photo posted by Ashley Salter (@absalt) on

This is the most popular theory as of now. Peruse her Instagram account and you’ll find not only photos of her acting totally normal around other human beings, but a mysterious pic of her canoodling a guy while flashing a serious rock on her left hand. Just please tell us she’s RSVP’d yes for the Women Tell All so we can (maybe) finally get to the bottom of this.

Are you glad to see Ashley S. go or did you want her to stick around for a few more weeks solely for the laughs?

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