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Even Beyoncé Gets Embarassed by Her Mom

Beyoncé is a goddess, that has already been decided. But how did she become a goddess, you might ask? Well, as per usual, goddesses come from other amazing creatures. And in this case, that creature is Tina Lawson. 

Although to the general public (aka me and all my friends) Tina is a perfect human who gives us all the behind-the-scenes knowledge into the lives of her superstar children, to Beyoncé she is just a normal and embarrassing mom. 


Good Morning SunshinesHappy Thursday.

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According to Mashable, in Tina’s most recent Instagram post, she said that Beyoncé doesn’t think she should do her corny jokes anymore on social media. But because she is not getting any younger, she explained, she’d rather not stop. In fact, you should make as many jokes as you can!

“If you find some good light, you’re supposed to take advantage of it. I’ve done quite a few in one spot so I could have them but it’s okay, I’m 63, what can I say,” she said. Amen, Tina, amen. Keep doing you, please. 

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