Will 'Aladdin' Live Up To Our Expectations?

Disney released the first full trailer of its live-action Aladdin movie during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. The trailer gave viewers a real look at what most of the iconic characters will look like in the flesh, including Will Smith as the beloved genie in all his floating blue glory. 

Let us be real here, the Genie is probably the best part of the Disney story. In the original version, he was voiced by Robin Williams, so it looks like Smith will have some big, pointy shoes to fill. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Smith said, “I was terrified doing the Genie after Robin Williams, you know. But I found a lane that pays homage but it’s my own thing…People are gonna love it.” 

The actor looks like he’s going to ham it up just like Williams did in the 1992 animated version, but he’ll also be making the character his own. In the new teaser, he still has the broad-shouldered, massive body of the Genie as well as the pointed ears, shaved head and ponytail. But what has most fans disappointed is the bright blue color of the character, and many think that blue Genie might be better in animation than in real life.

Some think that Will Smith will still kill it as the Genie.

On social media, many pointed out that the only character Disney may have appeared to have nailed was the magic carpet. If you don’t remember, Aladdin finds the magic, flying carpet while trying to look for the magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders for Jafar. The two become fast friends, and the loyal rug flies him around Agrabah. It even takes Aladdin and Princess Jasmine on the most mesmerizing carpet ride ever. 

Remember the iconic blue outfit Jasmine wears? Well, based on the trailer, it looks like Disney gave her a new look too. 

In the trailer, Jafar looks pretty young and not as intimidating as the cartoon version. In the 1992 film, Jafar leads the diamond in the rough to the cave as an old man, but the detail seems to have been removed from the live-action movie. 

The live-action Aladdin will be in theaters Friday, May 24, 2019, and it’s directed by Guy Ritchie. You can watch the trailer here: