Tayshia Adams is Completely Turning 'The Bachelorette' Around

If you’ve been keeping up with The Bachelorette, you may have noticed there’s a new girl in LaQuinta. Tayshia has officially become the new bachelorette after Clare’s exit, a historical first for the show. And it a welcome first it was; Tayshia has completely turned this disastrous season around, in every way. But, some have been more noticeable than others.   

The eliminations

This week, Jason was the first to go. He left after realizing he still had feelings for Clare, and Tayshia – being an absolute queen – accepted what he wanted.

We'll miss you Jason! Hoping you'll be on Paradise and find the love you deserve there.

But this elimination was so much better than Clare’s elimination of Brandon, which only happened because he knew nothing about her. She never took into account that he wanted to get to know her on his own terms and not through what social media or the tabloids say about her. And that's how the men are now getting to know Tayshia – on their own terms, like how Brandon wanted to know Clare.

None of the men know a thing about her, and that makes this process super raw. For example, during her 1-on-1 with Brendan, he revealed that he knew nothing about Tayshia’s divorce, which she shared when she was on Colton's season. It’s a fact the men would usually know if they'd been able to do their research ahead of time, so right off the bat, Tayshia is proving to us that if someone is eliminated, it’s definitely for a good reason.

The dates

The first group date was “Tayshia’s Splashball Spectacular,” as deemed by Chris Harrison. While this group date did have the men in speedos, it was a complete 180 from Clare’s sport date. Clare’s infamous dodgeball date had the losing men strip completely naked and walk home in their birthday suits. The Splashball date had the losing team walk home in speedos, no black bars required. You could also see the joy on the men’s faces during this date compared to the dodgeball date. They took the loss better, walking home feeling less humiliated and with absolutely no thoughts of sabotaging the winning team.

The rose ceremonies

So if I remember correctly, Clare cancelled her rose ceremony not only to spend time with Dale, but because she believed none of the guys deserved a rose for roasting him. That was the night that she gave out two roses, one to Dale and one to herself. That moment will go down in Bachelorette history as one of the most shocking moments, so imagine my shock when in the next episode we skipped another rose ceremony with Tayshia. But instead of being petty, she didn’t think it was fair to kick anyone off when she didn’t even know them yet. My reaction?

The men

So as we all know, this season the men are an extremely tight bunch.

Compared to Clare’s part of the season, you can definitely see the men are having more fun with Tayshia.I  saw more frustration and anger with the men, especially when they were limited to getting to know each other by Clare. Remember when she yelled at the them for not going over to talk to her? You could see the shock on their faces, and poor Bennett even looked insulted when she said she had to leave the conversation to go talk to the guys. Now this could just be the way they edited it, but there’s another thing I have to point out, one you can’t really deny or blame on editing.

Clare paid all her attention to Dale. The four episodes Clare had on The Bachelorette, she paid attention solely to Dale. That’s how those episodes got dubbed “The Clare and Dale Show” on Twitter.



Tayshia has made two connections with Spencer and Brendan already. She’s actually getting to know these men and pay attention to what they’re saying. She even gave Eazy, one of the guys that she has no confirmed connection with as of yet the group rose. But you know with Clare, Dale’s probability of getting every rose was 100%.

So did you think Clare was a good Bachelorette? Or does Tayshia beat her by a landslide? Tell me what you think on twitter @HappyLilNerd, and don’t forget to watch The Bachelorette on Tuesday’s 8/7 CT! It looks like Tayshia’s season will be one worth watching.