This Proves Cara Delevingne's Body Was Digitally Slimmed in 'Suicide Squad'

Cara Delevingne turned from supermodel to supervillian in Suicide Squad, but that's not the only transformation she underwent. A trending GIF of the film's intense special effects proves that it wasn't just her outfit being digitized. Turns out the queen of self-love and (hello?) absolutely stunning model's figure was morphed to appear slimmer

A YouTube video published on Monday breaks down the film's special effects. Viewers realized something was off when Delevingne digitally evolved into her character.

Even though Delevingne has rocked the runway more times than we can count, apparently her body was still not considered movie-screen perfect. Any body-altering edit was completely unnecessary because, may we just say, she slayed as the Enchantress like she always does.

Who exactly thought it was okay to do this?