The Most Epic Twitter Reactions to Jonas Brother’s “Cool” Video

The Jonas Brothers released a pretty Cool (sorry, I can't help myself) new song and music video this week and I am very here for it. Called "Cool" (duh), the video features the Jonas Brothers on the beach in very stylish blue suits doing what they do best—singing their hearts out.  The beach fashion in this video is pretty much everything, from the pastel colored swim suits to the high ponytails. 

Even though the Jonas Brothers recently came back from their almost seven year hiatus with their song "Sucker", they have not skipped a beat and the JB fandom is stronger than ever. It hasn't even been 24 hours since the music video was released and the internet is blowing up with the funniest reactions. Here are some of the most epic responses: 




Don't mind me while I close my eyes, put this song on repeat, and imagine I am an extra in the cool music video.