Here's How Many Kids Prince Harry Feels Would Be Too Many For Him & Same

Prince Harry is certain that he wants to have kids with wife Meghan Markle, and he's even given some thought as to how many children the couple wants.

On Thursday, the royal family continued their run through Dublin, interacting with excited fans and resulting in some seriously swoon-worthy moments. 

In one adorable moment during the royal duo's trip through Ireland (which is the couple's first diplomatic trip together since their wedding), a young child couldn't resist playing with Meghan's hair. Meghan smiled and began holding his little hand, but not before Harry noticed and began wagging his finger in a mock reprimand. Too cute! 

As Harry prevented the child from messing up her locks, there was an even more swoon-worthy moment. Fan Elaine Adam-Stewart talked to Prince Harry and reported their interaction to People. After telling Harry that her husband also has red hair and that they have five children together, Elaine asked him, "When are you and Meghan going to get going?"

According to Elaine, Harry giggled and said, "five children—too many." We feel you, Harry. 

In the past, Harry and Meghan have noted their plans to start a family. During their first joint interview with BBC, Harry said that "hopefully [they'll] start a family in the near future." And, we're sure they've been getting many questions about their plans for children while in Dublin. (Especially since everyone is on a preemptive bump-watch.) 

If and when Harry and Meghan decide to have children, we're sure they'll be great parents (mostly because we want them to adopt us). If this tour has been any indication, we can't wait to see Meghan's maternity style!