The Cast of 'All That': Where Are They Now?

Ah, the '90s... they were simpler times, right? Looking back on that era, a few things do come to mind. First, the cartoons were just so much better then han they are now. Second, the quality of television just seemed better, especially with shows like All That and The Amanda Show: sketch comedy for kids, filled to the brim with ridiculous (and sometimes disgusting) humor. The people on those shows went on to do more in life other than simply entertain us youngsters, though. They went on to do more acting, or they became parents or they went on to use some pretty heavy narcotics and land themselves in a world of trouble. So without further ado, let's rewind and see where some of our favorite All That stars are today.

1. Lori Beth Denberg

After a six-year break from the screen following the 2006 film 18 Fingers of Death!, Denberg made a one-off return in the Comedy Central hit series Workaholics. During a reunion with some of her All That castmates in 2011, she joked that she was “living out her old age.”

2. Amanda Bynes

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After Bynes took to Twitter to announce her “retirement” from acting following her supporting role in 2010’s Easy A, she began a steep and seemingly endless tumble down a very slippery slope when she changed her entire appearance on the fly and told Drake that she wanted him to, er... let's just say she wanted him to do not-so-nice things to her lady parts (Drake declined).

Of all the former All That stars, Bynes seems to have fallen the furthest.

3. Kenan Thompson

Perhaps one of the most successful former All That cast members, Thompson carries the esteem of holding a position on national favorite Saturday Night Live for the last 10 years. Along with that, Thompson has made guest appearances on Psych and iCarly, and played the titular role of 2004’s Fat Albert

4. Kel Mitchell

One half of the infamous Kenan & Kel duo, Kel’s fame didn’t live on quite as strongly as Kenan’s did. Following a divorce from the mother of his two children in 2005, he is now remarried and has held various minor roles in animated series.

5. Jamie Lynn Spears

The younger sister of pop superstar (and former child star of rival network Disney) Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn starred on the popular Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 from 2005 until 2008, after which she gave birth to a daughter. Her teenage pregnancy was the talk of the media for what seemed to be the longest time, and after her daughter’s birth, Spears kind of sank into the darkness to independently pursue her own musical passions.

6. Josh Server

Server was the only All That cast member to stay on through all six original seasons, but like many of his castmates, Server faded from memory after not being picked up on more shows. He made guest appearances on two popular Nickelodeon shows (Drake & Josh and Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide), but has remained relatively inactive since 2010.