6 Halloween Costumes That Are SO Last Year & What to Wear Instead

As we all know, fads pass. And even though your Halloween costume last year was on point, it's time to move on to 2015. We certainly wouldn't want you to experience the embarrassment of trying to pull off that Elsa braid again this year, so we're giving you 6 ways to ensure your costume is current.  

1. Last Year: Frozen

This Year: Inside Out

Following Frozen's November 2013 release and instant success, Halloween 2014 had Anna and Elsa lookalikes galore. Disney/Pixar's Inside Out was the big animated hit this year, and these characters lend themselves to easy costumes for fans of any age. There are also male and female main characters, so a co-ed group of friends can easily go as the whole emotional crew.

2. Last Year: Ariana Grande

This Year: Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande had the pop star thing on lock last year, but unless you're planning on spoofing her infamous donut incident, this costume is pretty much done. Given that this was obvi the year of T. Swift, there's plenty of ways to become the most-talked-about celeb of 2015 for the night. We're thinking crop tops and sparkle. And don't forget your squad!

3. Last Year: Guardians of the Galaxy

This Year: Jurassic World

Last year, Guardians of the Galaxy blew away the box office, and Chris Pratt's Star Lord and his gang of misfit heroes—especially the lovely green-hued Gamora—were insanely popular costumes. But if you missed the Chris Pratt train last Halloween, you can jump on it this year by portraying his Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard's prim Claire in an all-white ensemble and killer heels. Or who says you can't dress up as Pratt's Owen Brady? We bet you could take down those dinos without even breaking a sweat!

4. Last Year: The Ice Bucket Challenge

This Year: #TheDress

This year in overexposed Internet phenomena… We were just getting over the non-stop Ice Bucket Challenge chatter when #TheDress came along. So if you're looking to rehash battles we thought we'd all agreed to put to rest, be our guest. For added eyerolls from your fellow partygoers, snag this costume version, which some poor soul seems to have put a lot of thought into. 

5. Last Year: Orange Is the New Black

This Year: Empire

While Orange Is the New Black jumpsuits were wildly popular last year, Empire has since dominated the TV realm. Move over, Piper; Cookie is coming for you.

6. Last Year: North West

This Year: Princess Charlotte

While North West may be Hollywood royalty, she's no longer the only tyke princess on the scene. The world was introduced to precious little Princess Charlotte in May, and we're smitten. Her christening gown and a mini tiara? That's a regal Halloween costume worthy of any collegiette!

Don't let your costume get hung in 2014! Which one of these updates will you be sporting this year?