15 Gina Rodriguez Quotes That'll Change Your Outlook on Life

Since breaking out as Jane Villanueva on Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez has become an inspiration to women everywhere. She’s a kickass actress with a can-do attitude. Who wouldn't want to call her their role model? These 15 empowering Gina Rodriguez quotes are sure to change your outlook on life—and make you love her even more!

1. On education

2. Knowing your worth

3. The power of having your voice heard

4. How you can encourage other people

5. Remembering what really matters

6. The importance of honesty

7. On beauty

8. Embracing your own kind of beautiful

9. About relationships

10. Remembering that life is not a race

11. Knowing you are your only limit

12. On loving yourself

13. Helping others

14. That the outcome depends on you

15. You can be whoever you want to be