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Enterprising Fourth Graders Built A Business Empire Selling Slime Out Of Their School Bathrooms

Growing up, you probably made slime at least a time or two as part of a science class or just as a fun home-experiment. All you had to do was take some Elmer’s glue, borax, and water, and mix it all together to create the gooey, stretchy substance. Maybe you even took the opportunity to sell the slime to your classmates for some easy cash. But as one third-grade teacher hilariously documented, things can quickly go downhill if your school decides to ban the slime-selling business.

Rather than hang their heads in defeat, a group of fourth graders decided to revolt against the administration by reviving the slime market in the school’s bathroom in what New York Magazine called an “underground slime ring” of epic proportions.

A third grade teacher at the school gave a play by play of the rise and fall of the enterprise on Twitter, so settle down, ladies and gents, because this one is wild from start to finish.

The teacher later clarified how the whole ring came tumbling down (and it’s worthy of a Law and Order episode): One customer got caught with her slime and snitched on her dealers. 

The teacher also made sure to specify that the slime ring didn’t actually get the girls in trouble. Instead, they just got a call home because they aren’t supposed to be building business empires on school grounds. 

The girls may have gotten caught at the end, but they fought the good fight for as long as they could —and the internet loves them for it now.

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