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Emma Watson Spills More ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Secrets

After posing in a silly group photo on the set of Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is now revealing more details about the exciting live action adaptation! In a recent interview with Movie’n’Co UK, she dished on what audiences can expect from the upcoming Disney film.  

We can all recite the words to “Tale As Old As Time” and “Be Our Guest”—but this movie promises even more. Emma revealed in the interview that three new songs have been written for the adaptation. Although we have no idea what these songs will be, we can assume they’ll be just as catchy and popular as the classic favorites. And like all adaptations, this version of Beauty and the Beast will be slightly different than the animated one we watched countless times as children. “It goes a lot deeper into things; it’s just much more layered. It tells parts of the story that perhaps were missing in the animation because it was shorter, so that’s really exciting,” Emma said.  

For Emma, another exciting aspect of the film is the singing and dancing, which we haven’t really had a chance to see her tackle in her previous roles. “It was so fun to get to sing; I’ve never done it before and it was wonderful. I got to dance and I got to ride a horse and I got to sing and I got to learn so much and take away so much,” Emma said of the experience. And for those of you who might be questioning Emma’s singing abilities, costar Luke Evans assures us that we won’t be disappointed. “Great singing voice to boot. She’s a triple threat. Makes me sick,” Evans recently told MTV

Aside from the thrill of playing a beloved Disney princess, the role of Belle also holds a special place in Emma’s heart. From her childhood days as bookworm Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Emma has practically grown up before our eyes. With this upcoming project, Emma is able to showcase another heroic female character. “It did feel like a nice little completion of a circle in a way, that started with this role [Hermione] as a child and then somehow that role really felt like my transition to playing a woman and womanhood,” she said. “As an actress to get to play two of your personal heroines is very unusual I think, and quite special.”

We can’t wait to see our personal heroine (aka Emma Watson) bring Belle to life in Beauty and the Beast, scheduled to hit theaters in March 2017! 

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