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emma mackey at the barbie european premiere
emma mackey at the barbie european premiere
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Emma Mackey Is Super Private, But We Do Know Her Relationship Status

Emma Mackey’s career is on the rise. She broke onto the scene in 2019 playing badass feminist icon Maeve Wiley in Sex Education, inspiring a whole new generation of tweens and teens to dye the ends of their hair pink and read classic literature for fun. She’s since had major roles in blockbuster films like Death on the Nile and Greta Gerwig’s summery camp hit Barbie. Her on-screen career shows that she’s got some serious range, but there’s one thing Mackey chooses to keep close to home: her private life.

Mackey deleted her Instagram account in 2021. In an interview with Elle that same year, she explained that social media (and the overall concept of celebrity) “just doesn’t correlate with who I am. I don’t really see why [the world should follow] someone like me, who just wants a simple life.” 

The world follows Mackey because it’s fallen in love with her. It’s only natural to wonder if Mackey has fallen in love herself, and if she has, can her partner fight? You’ll have to ask him — Mackey’s got a man. Here’s what we know about Emma Mackey’s current boyfriend.

What is Emma Mackey’s relationship status and dating history?

When she got up to accept the EE Rising Star Award at the 2023 BAFTAs on Feb. 19, Mackey gave a sweet kiss to the man in the seat next to her. Her representatives confirmed to Bustle that Mackey attended the award show with her partner, Martin Aleman. The kiss was a huge move for the famously private celeb. 

Her last confirmed relationship was with actor Dan Whitlam, who she posted a picture with in 2018 (but again, she has since deleted her Instagram account). It’s unknown when the pair broke up, but what’s clear is that Mackey has moved on with a new boo. 

Who is Mackey’s boyfriend, Martin Aleman?

Aleman is a film director and photographer, according to his Instagram bio. Like Mackey, he’s French. He revealed in an interview with Sessùn that he has a photo studio between Paris and the south of France. He’s a man of many talents: Aleman has been an actor, director, fashion photographer, and screenwriter. All of his ventures are inspired by his love of cinema. No wonder he was drawn to Mackey!

Mackey and Aleman have known each other since 2022.

Their first interaction on record is when Aleman photographed Mackey for Issue 179 of Flaunt Magazine. He described her as “gorgeous” and “wonderful” in his Instagram captions attached to pictures from the shoot, which are also featured on the home page of his website. There are currently no other pictures of Mackey on Aleman’s IG, although Bustle reports that he posted a story of Mackey on stage at the BAFTAs with the caption “My love.” So cute!

I’m going to need Mackey to win every award under the sun in the near future, both for the sake of her resume and for glimpses of the private-but-not-secret couple in action.

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