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Eating (Not So) Clean

I’m going to be honest with you.  As much as I’ve been touting my new vow to eat clean to all my friends, I did not eat clean this weekend.  At first I was disappointed; I promised to myself and to you, HerCampus, that I would do my best to eat nutritious, wholesome foods for the few weeks and report the results.  Friday afternoon tea had a different idea in store for me.  As much as I told myself I didn’t want that oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, my low blood sugar and waning sweet tooth told me that I certainly did. 

It was the cookie, friends.  It served as a gateway drug back into the world of sweets, so to speak.  Saturday brought soda.  Sunday brought pre-Monday stress, and more importantly candy and dessert in the dining hall.  Oops.

Sitting here, experiencing the aftermath of the sugar that I bombarded my system with, I can honestly tell you it wasn’t worth it.  The past week had been going well for me in terms of eating clean and I had already been feeling the benefits, including more consistent energy levels and less stress in my life.  I ruined that feel-good streak because…?

Here’s the shocker: I’m not disappointed in myself.  Of course I wish I had eaten better this weekend, but I realize that not everything can or will be perfect.  Practicing yoga has taught me this handy little nugget of wisdom.  As much as I can write out strict diet plans for myself or tell myself to quit staring at the coffee cake, I can’t expect everything to turn out exactly the way I plan.  As cliché as it is, occasionally Life gets in the way of our intentions, however good.

And that’s why I’m letting this slip-up go without too much of a fuss; I do not expect it to happen again, but I think it’s important to be aware of some crazy entropy out there that’s up to no good.  It helps me to go with the flow a little easier.

Lots of love,

(photo credits: Michal Zacharzewski, Michael Faes, & Nate Brelsford, on sxc.hu)

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Elizabeth Bayne is a first-year at the marvelous Smith College. She adores running dusty trails, pumping iron, and everything yoga-related. Unfortunately she cannot seem to muster the willpower to stay away from decadent desserts or anything covered in that delicious fake yogurt they dip raisins into. In all seriousness, working out is a powerful stress-reliever for her and has invariably become a part of daily life. Most recently, yoga and weight lifting have become the most exciting parts of her workout routine, but she’s always looking for new ways to be motivated (Thursday night Zumba class, anyone?). Her workout goals for this season are to tone up and to adopt sensible eating habits to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Freshman Fifteen. She also wants to be able to do a handstand for two reasons: to develop intense concentration skills and to have a cool party trick.
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